He always was going to end up in The Guardian, wasn’t he?

Farnsworth, the bloke who thinks that depreciation is a corporate subsidy.

Britain’s corporate welfare is out of control – increasing it makes no sense
Kevin Farnsworth


7 thoughts on “He always was going to end up in The Guardian, wasn’t he?”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    Some of the comments are hilarious. Probably too much for this early in the morning.

  2. And for his next trick, we are going to hear how the fossil fuel industry is being subsidised because they are allowed to claim depreciation on their capital spend.

  3. Farnsworth and a number of commenters are describing tax credits, amongst other things, as tax subsidies to corporations. These subsidies do not meet with his approval at all. Strangely though he doesn’t follow his logic to a conclusion and argue for the removal of all in-work benefits.

  4. The whole ‘corporate subsidy’ nonsense is just a typical leftist reaction to any argument made by realists.

    For instance, when we complain about subsidies to ‘renewable’ energy projects, they just invent some massively inflated cost of everybody dying when the sun turns red dwarf and call it a fossil fuel subsidy.

    No-one actually believes this crap, it just gives the greeny/leftys something to say when the very real costs and consequences of their favorite subsidies are brought up.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s about time we ended subsidy grants to universities, including the hidden ones in student loans.

  6. Said it before.

    Pay a journo his expenses after deducting tax.

    Just because they’ve paid a cab fare doesn’t mean their employer should subsidise them.

    This sort of bollocks would disappear overnight.

    Except from the Graun, where they can think two opposing views at the same time.

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