Hmm, Heidi……

Mar. 10, 2015

That’s the date of the story.

Mashable has hired Heidi Moore as business editor, the social news site announced today.


Moore is one of the most popular business and finance journalists on Twitter, with nearly 53,000 followers, making her a natural fit for Mashable.

Interesting reason why.

Moore was most recently the finance and economics editor of The Guardian’s American edition, Guardian U.S. Her last day at Guardian U.S. was Jan. 29, and she will start at Mashable next week.

So it would seem that it was being let go at The G, not moving to take the different/better job.

So, yes, we might have found that mythical beast, someone whose economic journalism wasn’t good enough even for The Guardian.

7 thoughts on “Hmm, Heidi……”

  1. “So it would seem that it was being let go at The G, not moving to take the different/better job.”

    Or she wanted different scenery, and grabbed an opportunity, between jobs, to say go skiing (or whatever) for a month..??

    btw. that doesn’t necessarily invalidate the underlying hypothesis…

  2. On the economics front, is anyone else struck by the irony that the EU Commission, the ECB, and the IMF have conspired to make a bunch of bloody marxists look sane and sensible?

  3. Lots of bloody marxists have sounded sane and sensible, although I’ll agree that they tend to be handicapped in the looks department.

    “Sounding sane and sensible” has almost no bearing on whether or not you are correct (cf professional conmen – which isn’t that far away from politicians of any stripe.)

  4. Sounding sane and sensible is not the same as being same and sensible. Times ten where politicians are concerned, being world class liars and actors.

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