I wonder…..

A senior Labour MP has been reported to police by Parliamentary colleagues over allegations he sexually abused boys, it has been claimed.
Two MPs reportedly passed on their concerns to police after hearing accusations against the unnamed MP stretching back at least a decade.
The accusations are latest in a string of claims that senior Westminster figures have been involved in child sex abuse, but are believed to be the first time a sitting MP has been implicated.
The two MPs, one Labour and one Tory, independently went to police about their Parliamentary colleague after being shocked by information they had received, the Sun reported.
Allegations included that the MP had young boys “delivered” to his room at a hotel near a police station and abused others at a hospital’s mental health unit.
One victim was left so terrified he fears for his life if he ever speaks out. The MP allegedly showed a liking for “young ragamuffins” and also displayed an “unhealthy” interest in the two young sons of a local councillor.
The first MP, who declined to be named, told the newspaper: “Several people who have never met one another were all telling me the same, or similar, stories of corruption, indecency and paedophile offences.

So, currently it’s gossip within the echo chamber.

Going to be interesting to see if it just stays that way, eh?

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  1. ‘The first MP, who declined to be named, told the newspaper: “Several people who have never met one another were all telling me the same, or similar, stories…’


  2. The Great Redacto

    One name doing the rounds at work. If it turned out to be that person, there would be joy unconfined at his undoing.

  3. “A, B and C all told me rumour R independently” is a very poor test of the truth of R, since in an echo chamber it is quite possible they all heard it from or via the same scurrilous source X. This applies even if A, B and C had never met.

  4. Ears,

    Yes, which is presumably why whoever-it-was went to the police, so they can investigate properly, rather than just cornering the accused and shanking him.

  5. Given that the last Labour Cabinet was just over 5 years ago, and that the alleged miscreant is male, a former minister and a current serving MP, that gives us a remarkably short list of candidates. I count 6; let’s call them A1, A2, B, C, H and L. Have I missed anyone?

  6. Rumours should not be reported to anybody as rumours are generally a poisonous load of shite. If you have witnessed or have other evidence–evidence– of a real crime–something that is actually hurting someone ( as opposed to say tax evasion which is actually beneficial to mankind)–you would then be justified in informing the powers that be with a clear conscience.

    Otherwise you are a cunt who–in a truly decent and just world– should be arrested for wasting police time.

  7. Yes, going to the police is sensible, even if you think the thing is cobblers. At least it gets the matter off your hands, and indeed conscience. Plenty of MPs seem to like playing Paedofinder General but the police, for all their faults, are rather better at investigating this stuff.

  8. MBE: No it isn’t sensible–it is obnoxious. Say someone hears a rumour that you have got Anne Hathaway (pointy elbows and all) tied up in your attic and are raping her 3 times a day. The nosy mealy-mouthed interfering sod tells Clownforce Blue. In a sane world they would ring around Hollywood and discover Miss Hathaway is presently lounging poolside and has never seen or is ever likely to see the inside of your attic. In the madhouse we inhabit some moron looking for glory is just as likely to roll out the paddy wagon for a dawn raid and subsequent press conference. At which your assumed guilt will be broadcast to a world agog for celeb gossip. Your life will be thereafter blighted for good but that’s your problem. Some coppers got a publicity career-boost and that is what matters.

    Of course even the coppers are unlikely to be dumb enough to act on the above rumour without checking because it is a tad unlikely and so high profile that the fallout from failure would be too high a price for them. But lesser happenings involving lesser people who can be named, shamed and crucified in the press and then forgotten about long before the matter is quietly dropped are all too likely. Official interest may go away but baseless and undeserved stigma is much more enduring.

  9. Of the leadership contenders two are women and one has never been a cabinet minister. Could this be dirty work to do with undermining a leadership contestant? Who would be so underhand? A name springs to mind of an unscrupulous chap who was once a cabinet minister himself.

    Forgive me if I seem cynical about The Brothers, comrades all.

  10. Mr Ecks has it bang to rights. This isn’t just “gossip within the echo chamber” as TW falsely claims. It’s gossip prominently reported in the Daily Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday.

    Mud sticks.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    I don’t use it but hasn’t twatter blurted out the name yet? Or are they all either too scared after the Lord McAlpine errors?

    If they are then it is a small mercy from such an outrageous witch hunt.

    Whilst I get Mr E’s points, sadly we live in times where if the MPs don’t report the rumours and they turn out to be true they feel the greater wrath of the baying mob than perpetrator, who will be protected in jail.

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