Idiot is idiot

Is it your money?

You forget there is €1trn of QE funding in the EU right now

If only you got facts right it would help

Greek government bonds are specifically excluded from the ECB’s QE.

5 thoughts on “Idiot is idiot”

  1. I think we can rest easy. Our favourite polymath is working on a solution to the problems of the EU – fitting this into the time used to finish his book (oh cripes!) and developing a cure for cancer:

    “We need help and a platform labour simply does not supply, what are your thoughts?

    Regards, John

    Reply Richard Murphy says: July 14 2015 at 10:01 am

    My honest answer is I am working on them

    I also have a book to finish this week


  2. Oh FFS give it a rest.

    >I also have a book to finish this week

    It’s probably one of the more in depth ones like these.

    I read quite slowly, too, if it’s non-fiction.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I’ve said it before: Murphy is so ignorant over such a wide range of subjects that pretty much every utterance of his is likely to be filled with falsehoods. This takes on the aspect of recklessness, and of course bearing in mind he’s really writing propaganda rather than analysis this is a plausible explanation, but I’m not joking when I ascribe a lot of it to his Dunning-Kruger cognitive deficits. He simply lacks the mental capacity a) to write cogently on technical subjects and b) the wit to recognise this fact. So on the one hand you could say he churns out this cavalcade of tendentious rubbish because that’s where he thinks his meal ticket lies, but it’s just as likely he’s too thick to do otherwise.

  4. Somewhere, there is (one hopes) an editor that is reviewing Murphy’s latest tome – I assume it is the long awaited Joy of Tax?

    We should all take time for a moment’s sympathy for that poor editor.

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