Idiot sodding tosspot

And equally staggeringly there is no mention in the article of the cost of the reforms. There is no hint that GDP has fallen by 25% or that more than 50% of the young are unemployed, or that healthcare has disappeared for many or that poverty has reached levels the EU should never tolerate. No, according to Giles all that matters is that the banks were in sight of being repaid and Tsipras took that away from them.

Ritchie, you cretin, the banks aren’t owed any money. It’s all owed to governments, one way and another.

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  1. the banks aren’t owed any money.

    The banks are owed some money. Just not much, except for the Greek ones. However, altogether an insignificant amount compared to that owed to the various governments.

  2. Oh, and those non-Greek banks that are owed money? They new exactly what they were doing or should have done.

    So I have no sympathy for them, for the bankers weeping in to their empty bonus packets or, even, for the shareholders. High risk investments? This was a “known issue” investment.

  3. SE –

    The more important thing here, which you choose to ignore, is that the Greeks knew exactly what they were doing as well. I feel no sympathy for them, and for the same reasons you feel nothing for the Troika.

    There is nothing noble about borrowing money to finance a standard of living you cannot afford, nor is there anything noble about refusing to live within your means. There is no nobility in engaging in massive tax evasion, or countenancing equally massive governmental corruption. There’s nothing noble refusing to pay your debts. And finally, there’s nothing noble about acting like a spoiled 5 year old when those you have yourself dependent upon decide that enough is enough.

    Greece is a shithole because that’s what the Greeks themselves wanted. They wanted a 1st world standard of living (and a 3rd world economy), and they didn’t care how they got it.

    Well, all I can say is the suffering multitudes is this: Enjoy, you got what you asked for. If it isn’t what you wanted, then next time be sure about what you ask for is what you really want.

  4. He and the other loons really are going to dump the Euro, aren’t they? You can see them, lining up on the edge but not quite summoning the courage to jump. One nudge…the referendum this week…and la, they’ve done it. Twenty years of political capital poured down the toilet.

  5. And whateve replacement currency would be worth what to the rest of the world?
    New drachma? That will be 240 new drachma for a single roll 240 sheet toilet paper…?

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