Interesting definition of democracy

A former cabinet minister in the last Labour government said called for the leadership election to be suspended amid fears that Communists and former members of the Militant Tendency have infiltrated the party. “I absolutely think it is a determined and deliberate attempt to infiltrate the election by powerful unions and it is a very serious threat to the democracy of the party,” the senior figure said. “These are not Labour Party people. I think this is a deliberate attempt to infiltrate the party and distort the basic democracy of the Labour Party.”

Democracy is limited to those whose views I approve of…..

9 thoughts on “Interesting definition of democracy”

  1. “I absolutely think it is a determined and deliberate attempt to infiltrate the election by powerful unions”

    Labour in being controlled by the unions shocker…

  2. There’s a difference between throwing people out of a state for having the wrong views and throwing them out of a voluntary association.

    Having said that, it would appear the majority of the memberships would probably be throwing the “former cabinet member” out rather than vice versa

  3. This whole thing brought to you by the Ministry of Not Thinking Shit Through. I mean they change the rules on their election process to ‘make it fairer’ and then they’re all surprised when more people start voting and that some of them might be red blooded Marxists. What the hell did they think was going to happen?!?

    And these muppets want to be in charge of the country…

  4. Ed Miliband has his ‘keeping us out of the Euro’ moment. So he wasn’t completely useless after all.

  5. They’re the same kind of people as run the EU – sure, you guys can vote, but you’d better vote how we like.

  6. This is what happens when your entire worldview is based on “fuck it, I have smugly good intentions” and never bother to think what consequences might happen, as has been pointed out above.

    For once the consequences are happening to them, which is heartening.

  7. There has always been a deeply held belief in some Labour quarters, that Labour governments should be ruled by the Party Congress.

    Democracy, so long as it’s what the proletariat wants.

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