So, Christie Brinkley takes a photo of her ex-husband, Billy Joel, at his most recent wedding:

Congratulation to the glowing bride and groom.. And to my daughter Alexa, who has a wonderful friend in Alexis! Wishing the growing family every happiness!

Spot the subtext? My ex-husband’s new bride is only 3 years older than my ex-husband’s daughter with me. And she’s pregnant: the bride, not the daughter.

Or is that just me spotting things in this day of blended families?

9 thoughts on “Meow!”

  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Dunno about the snarky subtext, but it’s as textbook an example of hypergamous mate selection as one could hope to find.

  2. I’ll bet, it’s nuffink to do with length and longevity but everything to do with assets and investments.

    And on your observation Tim?

    As they say, hell hath no fury………………

  3. I clicked the link and thought I’d found a spoiler for Toy Story 4, where Mr Potatohead marries Barbie.

  4. So Much for Subtlety

    I don’t see how that can be catty. She is drawing attention to her advanced age and the new bride’s youth. She may be trying to be mean about it, but only other elderly women are going to buy into it. I doubt he feels any shame.

  5. The wikipedia entry for Christie Brinkley says that she has been married and divorced four times and Billy Joel was at her fourth wedding – implying that he was not at her third when she was pregnant, but she has attended both of his weddings since they divorced (as well as the one before) so it seems that they are friendly and she may actually mean what she said.

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