No Telegraph, just no

Lord Rannoch, one of only three peers in the House of Lords,


One of three UKIP peers.

9 thoughts on “No Telegraph, just no”

  1. Would that there were only three. And Matt Ridley, perhaps.

    Everyone knows there are far too many peers. The upcoming renovations seem a good opportunity to do some serious culling.

  2. BiF: Maybe the SNP would advocate community peer-shooting parties on their nationalised moors….

  3. UKIP undoubtedly. Two of the three (I don’t know the third, the other two I have worked directly with) are crack shots, one with a rifle for deer, the other with a shotgun for rough shooting. Advantage of their being toffs, y’see?

  4. Depends whether they’ve kept their skills up, Tim. I was once a decent shot with a rifle – fifty years ago.

  5. Pearson of Rannoch spends the entire autumn after deer on his Scottish estate…..I assume he’s still well up with it.

  6. “Depends”

    on what sort of fight… I’ve no idea, but perhaps Schultzy might prefer a spot of sumo…

    Or if Steve gets to decide it might be “cage, bare knuckle”…:)

  7. Rifles and shotguns, really?

    Not my idea of a Gentlemanly scrap.

    I have an idea that Van Rumpy-Pumpy would emerge as the victor, but without anyone knowing why, or how.

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