Oooo! Painful for Heidi here

Scandal rocked the media world this afternoon when Guardian economics editor Heidi Moore claimed an email newsletter called “Today in Tabs” — which is syndicated by Newsweek — was actually her idea.

On Twitter, Moore said that the idea for an “Open Tabs” feature, offered months ago in one of her more than 130,000 tweets, was “promptly stolen” by the newsletter’s author, Rusty Foster.


Foster said he was kind of confused by the whole thing.

“It took me a while to figure out what she was even saying,” he said. “I don’t really even know what we’re talking about.”

Today was the 75th Today in Tabs.

“I’ve been writing for four months,” said Foster, who added a joke about the whole thing in this afternoon’s newsletter. “I guess people can decide.”

“I just think it’s bizarre,” said Katie J.M. Baker, the reporter at Newsweek who first suggested her publication syndicate Today in Tabs, adding that, as of this writing, nobody at Newsweek had really noticed Moore’s Twitter attacks.


Question, is Mashable a step up from The Guardian?

2 thoughts on “Oooo! Painful for Heidi here”

  1. I just went to Mashable and found them post about Matt Damon’s ponytail. All in all that seems to suggest Mashable and The Guardian are one in the same.

    Of course, Mashable doesn’t have Jessica Valenti.


  2. “Scandal rocked the media world”

    But made no impression whatsoever, even the mildest tremor, on the real world.

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