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Ooooh yes, please, please, puhleeze!

Labour MPs’ decision to help the leftwinger Jeremy Corbyn enter the party’s leadership race appears to be backfiring after Britain’s biggest trade union told members to vote for him.
Mr Corbyn, who has been on Labour’s hard Left for decades, only made it onto the ballot paper last month with minutes to spare after MPs lent him their votes to broaden the debate.
However, Mr Corbyn has now had his chances of winning boosted after Unite, Labour’s biggest donor, told members to vote for the Islington North MP to be the party’s leader.
Five unions – including the Fire brigades Union and the RMT rail union – are now backing Mr Corbyn to beat rival Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham to be Labour leader this September.

It’s one member one vote these days, isn’t it?

And wouldn’t it be fun if Corbyn does win? That would be swathes of the North going UKIP at the next election…..

3 thoughts on “Ooooh yes, please, please, puhleeze!”

  1. Bloke in Costa Rica

    It would be glorious beyond measure. Remember, folks, £3 gets you the chance to stab Labour through the heart and bury its body at a crossroads at midnight.

  2. UKIP share many of the ordinary values of ordinary folk, and labour party does not. However, most ordinary folk do not share UKIP’s desire to quit the EU.

    Just sayin’

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