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No hipsters were injured!’

Fire chiefs apologise over ‘totally unprofessional’ tweet they sent after Shoreditch restaurant fire

7 thoughts on “Pity”

  1. “Sparked outrage on Twitter”

    NO! Say it ain’t so!

    Still, it beats the boilerplate “our thoughts and prayers are with at this difficult time”.

  2. And you have to have more hair under your nose than above it to get in. 10% discount if you are bald and have a beard at least three inches long.

  3. When a bus caught fire on a very cold January morning (no injuries), I got into trouble for posting “Go a bit easier on the de-icer next time maybe ?” on the local Facebook page. Apparently councillors are not allowed to have a sense of humour either.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Why the fuck are the fire brigade posting anything on Twatter? Anything other than the bare facts of what they’re up to, I mean, assuming they absolutely have to do even that.

  5. Because the have a sense of humour. This once was allowed. And the more vigorous services ( police, ambulances , firemen) were noted for their black humour.

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