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So here’s one attempt to stop Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn,the hard-left Labour MP who is tipped to lead the party, has been accused of “doing nothing” over child abuse in his constituency during the 1970s and 1980s.
Dozens of vulnerable children were raped and sexually abused in care homes run by the London borough of Islington.However most of the abusers escaped justice because allegations made at the time by victims were ignored and many files, which contained corroborating evidence, have been lost or shredded.
John Mann, a Labour MP, has sent Mr Corbyn an open letter in which he says that his failure to do more to tackle child abuse means it would be “inappropriate” for him to become Labour leader.

So John, sent a letter to Margaret, Lady Hodge have you? The MP who then was actually in charge of Islington’s child services?

Given that, you know, it is the local council which runs these things, not the MP for the constituency?

Anyway, heads up for the next attempt to derail the Corbyn train, eh?

14 thoughts on “So here’s one attempt to stop Corbyn”

  1. This from the party that dreamt up the “I support Labour” promise that you had to sign to join the Party, meant to stop nasty right wingers electing Jezz.

    How lefty to expect everyone else to be pure as the driven snow and abide by their word when they have the morals of a felching guttersnipe.

    Anyway, a bit too early this one. I hope the grizzly podge is suitably pissed off.

  2. One thing I don’t see yet is the simple excuse against Corbyn – that he is too old. He’ll be over 70 if he gains power. Another similarity with 1983.

    I’m no spring chicken myself, and this is outright ageism, but there is something about elderly Bennites in that they just don’t know when to shut up and let someone else have a go, 30+ years in the same job doesn’t indicate a progressive.

  3. Runcie,
    He’s just about the right age then, though a little younger would help.

    The problem with electing youngsters, as has been the recent fashion, is that:

    a) They tend to have young children, so no time and too much anxiety
    b) They will still have too many juvenile ideas (even Corbyn has mellowed)
    c) They have to cling on as they’re career is going to be over so early.

  4. At least the bastards haven’t called the old loony a “neo-socialist” yet, or “neo-communist”, which I suppose he is.

  5. “Neo-communist would appear to mean the same as ‘old-fashioned Nazi”: well, m’Lud, I point to the Nazi-Soviet Non-aggression Pact.

    Anyway, the difference is only whether you justify your lunacies as being in the interests of a Master Race or a Master Class.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I maintain my conviction that Corbyn will be stitched up somehow, allowing Burnham to win. Maybe this is the opening salvo but if so they’ll have to up their game.

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