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The Guardian’s solution: cut Polly’s wages

So, The G has found a template for a successful left wing paper:

At the Journalists’ Newspaper in Athens, everyone is paid the same, from the receptionist to the senior reporters, except the editor-in-chief. He works for free and lives off his pension. They don’t argue about salaries because they are also the owners of the paper, which is run as a co-operative, so everyone knows how tight finances are. In return, they get to thrash out front page stories, editorial positions and headlines without even the shadow of interference by a media baron chasing political or financial interest.

That is, put Polly on £20k a year and the paper will be fine.

Hey, works for me.

5 thoughts on “The Guardian’s solution: cut Polly’s wages”

  1. Shouldn’t the Guardian’s line be “Globalisation undercutting us and stealing our jobs.”?

    How do you live with this degree of cognitive dissonance?

  2. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I can’t bring myself to think what dreadful bilge this Greek rag must be putting out, never mind its egalitarian stance.

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