There’s a lot of truth in this

I’ve always been told that “Real Men don’t eat quiche” but since it’s basically bacon & egg pie I find this somewhat confusing.

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  1. So Much for Subtlety

    I was reading someone on the internet, and he claimed that at one Olympic Games, the Ice Hockey teams were asked to skate with the make Ice Skaters. They flatly refused. Although both groups of men have skates and great skills on the ice, the Ice Hockey team emphasis is on strength and speed. The ice skaters focus on grace and movement. That is, the former think latter are all Gay. As many of them are.

    An egg and bacon pie is not a problem for men. It is big, dumb food. A quiche though is hard to make. It is fiddly. It goes wrong fairly easily. You have to *care* and make an effort. That is, if they are not being paid, it is not food for real men.

    This is, I would, think obvious.

  2. Love a slice or two of cheese and onion quiche, straight from the fridge with some Waddies IPA to wash it down.

  3. To So Much For Subtlety

    I am quite sure that “someone on the internet” might well be informed of the sexual peccadilloes of former male skating olympians, however I’m not quite sure about your subsequent assertion.

    Quiches and male figure skaters are no more gay than bacon and egg pies and male ice hockey players.

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    When I was at school I used to stay round at a mate’s house every so often and his dad, who’d been stationed in Holland with the company would sometimes make uitsmijters when we traipsed in starving after having been out shooting something. They were bloody good.

  5. Bacon, egg and leek flan is pretty wonderful.

    “Real men don’t …” is presumably a slogan promulgated by either closeted poofs, or ignorant cretins with wee todgers.

  6. While we’re on the subject of closeted poofs, does the American “in the closet” imply that the fellow is hiding in a metaphorical cupboard or a figurative wardrobe?

    Or, for Scots, in a press?

  7. It’s not a proper pie (no lid).

    There’s not enough bacon (by a long way).

    The eggs aren’t fried (poached would do, but baked is not a proper way to treat an egg).

  8. Sam Adams the Dog

    I believe that phrase comes from an Esquire article of the same name ca. 1980. It was only one of the things that real men don’t do. Another one was driving 4-wheel-drive vehicles in the city.

  9. Philip Scott Thomas

    Sam Adams –

    Almost. It was a book.

    There was response published shortly afterward called “Real Women Don’t Pump Gas: A Guide to All That is Divinely Feminine”.

  10. So Much for Subtlety

    Ultracrepidarian – “Quiches and male figure skaters are no more gay than bacon and egg pies and male ice hockey players.”

    How long do you think it would take me to name three Gay male figure skaters? How about Dick Button, an American champion from the 1940s and 50s. Given brain damage by some vibrants in a homophobic baseball bat attack in Central Park? Rob McCall who died of AIDS at just 33? Rudy Galindo.

    And then there is Johnny Weir. Who said:

    Weir, who is currently in Sochi for the Olympics, said in the United States there is ‘no gayer sport than figure skating’.

    In the Gay Star Times. Haters.

    Name three Gay NHL players.

    If you can’t make the commonplace observation that Figure Skating has an over-representation of Gay men, then you are taking sensitivity too far.

    Dave – “Are you the only person round here who doesn’t realise you’re gay, these days?”

    Well I have never made a secret of my fondness for a good quiche. So I guess not. Except, dear boy, you have to remember that no one is Gay “these days”. They either have been since birth or not at all. Genetics don’t you know.

  11. Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim.

    Quiche is not a bacon and egg pie. Quiche is the French invader that usurped the great British bacon and egg pie:

    Cut a load of bacon into strips (streaky, ideally, because the bacon fat provides the only moisture in this). Put a sheet of pastry in a metal pie dish greased with butter. Arrange the strips in the pastry so that there are seven wells, one in the centre and six around it. Add black pepper, and maybe chopped parsley if you like, but obviously not salt. Break whole eggs into the wells. Put another sheet of pastry on top, and seal the edges. If you’re clever and want to show off, cut beautiful delicate leaves out of pastry and stick them on top. Glaze the pastry with milk or beaten egg. Bake for about 45 min, until golden. If you buy ready-rolled pastry, this is about as easy as cooking gets.

    Eat with good ketchup or baked beans. The whole egg yolks are what really make it.

  12. John Curry was gay, Robin Cousins lives in Brighton and if you cut beautiful delicate leaves out of pastry and stick them on top of anything you’re questionable.

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