Well, it worked in England, didn’t it?

The adverts for Protein World slimming products featuring a bikini-clad model were widely criticised in the UK for objectifying women.
It is beginning to prove as contentious in America as it did in Britain and an online petition has already been set up calling for the ads to be taken down.

A few thousand on some posters for the subway and millions in sales as the Twitterati do the advertising in their outrage.

How long before said outraged realise they’re being played?

8 thoughts on “Well, it worked in England, didn’t it?”

  1. I don’t think those ‘outraged’ by this poster are capable of enough rational thought to realize anything really.

    They are defined by their outrage to these things, if they let it slide, they would simply cease to be.

  2. In a shock move, a twitter campaign to change the oppressive nature of gravity has gained massive support.

    The BBC reports that so far Gravity remains unchanged, though how long it can sustain this position in the face of such sustained criticism is unclear.

  3. The obvious solution would be a Twitter hashtag campaign demanding that the sun stop rising.

    No sun, no sunbathing. No sunbathing, no bikini.

  4. Why has every business in the western world suddenly developed a dissolving spine syndrome? The twatter crew are so numerous that their disapproval is equal to a customer collapse and instant exit from whatever business you might be in? Why does no one say “Fuck off you leftist shite” or cleaned-up words to that effect? There are more than enough anti-left to prosper such a business just on the grounds of sticking it to the scum.

  5. I love the responses Protein World give to some of their critics on Twitter. No namby-pamby politically correct apologies, just plainly worded put downs which basically tell the critic to fuck off.

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