What’s with this editorial independence anyway?

The task of maintaining journalistic freedom from commercial or other vested interests is as ancient as the printing presses that first made the sharing of news a mass market medium. But in an increasingly global digital world, cultural differences combined with economic and political pressures are making these age-old challenges harder and harder to navigate.

I’m not sure that I really get it.

The whole idea of editorial independence seems to me as being just a coded form of “thank for your money now fuck off, we’ll do what we want”.

20 thoughts on “What’s with this editorial independence anyway?”

  1. It’s bullshit; the journalists’ conceit that they are purveyors of truth on behalf of the thronging masses, rather than being just hired writers, which they are.

  2. I thought it meant giving as much airtime to the proprietor’s irrational or shamelessly self- serving hobby horses as you can without annoying the advertisers. Or maybe the other way round.

  3. I’m struggling to think of any organisation that wouldn’t have a party line. The members of a Sunday league soccer club might be expected to have consistent views on promotion and relegation, for example.

  4. Walter Block covers this in the “academic freedom” chapter of his “Defending the Undefendable”.

    As he points out, what is the deference between academic or editorial freedom and “waiters freedom”? Should not waiters have the freedom to bring you, not the meal you have asked –and are paying– for but the meal he thinks would be best for you?

    Say the female hired me to write a replacement column (after they saved money by sacking Pol and/or Monbigot–as they should at my rate of £80 thou a year to write both columns, cheap at twice the price). I write the pieces but they are unfailing hymns of praise to individual freedom, free markets and high technology. Leavened with blazing hatred of the state and all cunts who think they should be able to lord it over others.
    Would her attitude to editorial freedom remain the same the I wonder?

  5. Mr Ecks has a point. There’s always a tension between workers who take pride in their work versus managers/owners who insist on screwing their customers for every penny possible. This is not exclusive to journalism. Your McDonalds chef would love to cook a proper hamburger with thick, high-quality meat; but his manager says no, use as little meat as possible and lots of filler. Just like journalism.

  6. @AndrewM:

    Err, no. It’d not about pride in one’s job, it’s about doing the job one’s paid to do, not the job you think you should be being paid to do. The aspirations of the cordon bleu wannabe in McDonalds are somewhat irrelevant when they are being paid to churn out Big Macs. It’s possible to take pride in doing that well, and McDs are actually pretty good at recognising people who do that.

  7. No I’m Jeremy Corbyne.

    Its the extra e that gives the clue.

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  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mr E @ 11:53

    I think you’ve missed the point.

    The editorial board, or equivalent, who don’t have any money at stake, expect to be able to decide what gets printed and the political slant that should be take free from interference from the owner, who does have money at stake.

    The journalist is the PBI who should do as he’s effing told and paid to do.

  9. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Journalists think that their job is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted and the owners think that their job is to write enough filler to stop the classified ads from running into each other. One of these groups is deluding itself.

  10. “editorial independence”means that you can write articles about Lord Sewer without mentioning that He’s a Labour man. That’s all.

  11. Andrew M,

    “Your McDonalds chef would love to cook a proper hamburger with thick, high-quality meat; but his manager says no, use as little meat as possible and lots of filler. Just like journalism.”

    Plenty of meat in a Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

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