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Would Corbyn do a Glasman?

A little unexpectedly I have been invited to attend a speech Jeremy Corbyn is giving this morning and to then sit on a panel afterwards to answer questions on three issues. These are, I understand, the tax gap, tax justice issues including those relating to corporate transparency, and what Jeremy calls People’s QE, and which I have previously called green infrastructure QE.

Disturbingly, it could happen, couldn’t it?

48 thoughts on “Would Corbyn do a Glasman?”

  1. I suppose you have considered that you will be walking into a prepared ambush by the People’s Accountant?

  2. Sky News, August 2020

    “We are here to report the first Camp David Summit between President Trump and Prime Minister Corbyn. The PM is pushing his tax and green agenda and has brought Lord Murphy of Wandsworth with him to help advise.”

    Mad Max, Terminator, Total Recall and The Matrix were supposed to be what the world looked like after the apocalypse. Any of those outcomes are far preferable to the above!

  3. “Total Recall” –if you mean the Arnold version, which is the only one worth mentioning IMO–isn’t set post Apocalypse. In fact, as far as Mars goes, the film is anti-apocalyptic as the planet is transformed from lifeless to life-supporting.

    Corbyne (an extra”e” adds to the sinister quotient ) = Kohagen is certainly a possibility tho’.

  4. See, all you people who joined the bloody labour party so as to elect Corbyn bloody leader…

    “They’ll be unelectable for ever! Ha, ha.”

    “The tories will never stuff up and let them in!”

    “A modern european state will never elect a full blown Stalinist as PM.”

    cough – Hollande, Tsipras – cough

    For god’s sake, change your vote to Andy Burnham. At least he’s to the right of Cameron.

  5. “…sit on a panel afterwards to answer questions”

    And people thought that Corbyn reacted badly when asked awkward questions on C4 News. Wait until Ritchie loses his temper and starts dishing out a use.

    While the Corbyn audience is likely to be friendly towards him, how would Ritchie cope facing anything like an informed and critical crowd?

  6. Andy Burnham has started talking about Land Value Tax again. As this allows big increases to the money supply without the ,as now inevitable, house price bubble , all thicko neo laissez -fairi(t)es know to keep clear of anything so threatening to British values i.e falling wages and rising property prices a.k.a “Conservative economic competence”.

  7. “Andy Burnham has started talking about Land Value Tax again. As this allows big increases to the money supply”


  8. “People’s QE”. LOL. The absolute guarantee of a totalitarian is prefixing words with “the People’s”.

  9. Oh dear, he’s read the runes wrongly again.

    Even the Labour Party will take steps to ensure JC won’t become leader.

    Expect some deep shit relating to Corbyn to hit the fan in early September. Mandy isn’t dead, just sleeping…

  10. Murphy wouldn’t have the bottle to enter parliament. He wouldn’t be able to delete or block criticism and intellectually they’d tear him to shreds.

    But a Murphy advised Corbyn talking about tax would be hilarious.

  11. He was on target to be appointed to the Alan Walters role under Miliband prior to the incident with Poppy Dinsey – However, as AndrewC says I’m not sure the Glasman analogy is likely to be apposite – he’d fall foul of the rules of Parliament and his public utterances would simply be a liability were he appointed to the Lords. He could act as an unelected adviser from outside Parliament though….. As John Miller says – they’ll use some expedient to stop Corbyn, even to the point of manufacturing votes or stuffing ballot boxes…..

  12. @Frederick:

    Jeebus, he’s swallowed Murphy’s lines. Surely there are some grown-ups in the Labour Party who can demolish this crap?

  13. This “£93bn of corporate subsidies” refers to the cost of capital not being subject to corporation tax, isn’t it? That paper a few weeks ago by a sociologist from some university somewhere?

    So, they wobble about more investment but want to tax investment?

  14. This has just appeared in the Telegraph:

    “Raise taxes on wealthier households and businesses
    • Massively reduce corporate tax relief and subsidies, and use the extra revenue to establish a National Investment Bank that will promote infrastructure upgrades and support innovation
    • A crackdown on tax avoidance and evasion, including stricter rules for small businesses
    • Reversing the cuts to staff in HMRC and at Companies house, to make it easier for HMRC to collect more taxes
    • Country-by-country reporting for multinational corporations”

    His tax policy is word-for-word the Courageous State.

    Let’s face it guys, this is Ritchie’s zenith. The next leader of the Labour Party has taken his platform completely, lock, stock and barrel from the Tax Research UK blog.

    This is particularly bad news for Bloke in Costa Rica ‘cos I’m about to become his next door neighbour… unless there’s a spare place on that Mars colonisation flight.

  15. there are two things that strike me about this. 1) having elected milliband as leader they had a real challenge to find anyone dafter – but it does look like they are succeeding!; and 2) I think this is actually a fake. At some point Ant and Dec will jump out and shout gotcha!

    Actually I have a third theory. This is Gordon’s revenge.

  16. There’s no way they’ll elect him, and if they do there’s no way he’ll get into power. Did any of you miss the last election, where we didn’t elect someone to Corbyn’s right because he was too left wing?

  17. The Meissen Bison

    I’m afraid that the Tories would be far more adept than Labour at scuppering an ‘undesirable’ candidate.

    Your average Lefty is far more concerned with not compromising his political purity to engage in dark arts and those who believe that the end justifies the means are precisely those who would choose Corbyn.

    He could well come out on top.

  18. “because he was too left wing”

    No. Because he got KO’d in a straight fight with a bacon sandwich.

    Corbyn would be more street savvy.

  19. Maybe I’m naiive, but I don’t believe the public didn’t vote for Miliband because he got snapped eating a bacon sarnie badly.

    If you fired off a hundred digital shots at anyone eating a bacon sarnie you’d find one where he was gurning, and I think people know that.

    I think Miliband was rejected because people know in their hearts of hearts that there is no free lunch, and that Labour are idiots, and bigger idiots the lefter they go.

    The Tories could paint a reasonably credible picture of jobs and growth, low inflation and better times ahead.

    Simple as that.

    Given four or five more years, Corbyn could tuck into roasted whippet in a sour grape sauce and eat it impeccably, and he would be fucked off at the high port.

  20. Inty>

    The bacon sandwich eating itself wasn’t a problem. Feeling the need to stage a bacon sandwich eating was. Miliband was unelectable because everyone, but everyone, could see that he’s quite simply thick as pigshit. Don’t know what went wrong, maybe cord around his neck at birth, but he’s properly dim.

    Apart from the most blinkered old-Labour supporters, most of Labour’s traditional support looked at Miliband gaining power, despite the obvious lack of merit, solely because of daddy’s influence and went to vote for someone else.

    As for Corbyn, I’m rather hoping that the loony blinkered lot will elect Corbyn, and that the Tories will have the sense to hold off on outing him as a neo-Nazi until afterwards.

  21. “Massively reduce corporate tax relief and subsidies, and use the extra revenue to establish a National Investment Bank that will promote infrastructure upgrades and support innovation.”

    So, tax them on their capital investment, and use the money raised to support investment.

  22. Yes, but Rob.

    Investment would be For The People. We know that the private sector just adds a blood-sucking layer of blood-sucking fat.

    Government knows best when it comes to picking winners. Just look at the Austin Allegro.

  23. He’s just posted the shite that he said at Corbyn’s meeting. Usual guff: his estimate of the tax gap is write, billions to be recovered from tax abuse, hundreds of billions can be found at no cost via his Green QE.

    My only question: how did he hide his hard-on when making these comments and did he manage to stop himself from coming over Corbyn?

  24. The tories will have a few sex scandals, a load of troughing scandals and a corruption scandal or two as well as plenty of scandalous non-scandals.

    Also the beeb/guardian media alliance will be full of ‘starving children dying in the street’ stories, particularly now that Osborne has started to actually think about maybe cutting benefits rather than merely not putting them up as much as the lefties would like.

    All this would be survivable against a mad leftie opposition, but when the power goes off and the tories get the blame, then all bets are off.

    And even if they can survive that, then the recession caused by the break up of the euro will bring them down.

    So, welcome Prime Minister Corbyn and Chief Advisor to the Treasury Murphy.

  25. If you switch off the sound Corbyn looks normal unlike his competitor Bambi and predecessor Wallace. That has to be in his favour. Meanwhile the more I watch DC the more slappable his face becomes even without his most unconservative ideas.

  26. “GlenDorran

    He’s just posted the shite that he said at Corbyn’s meeting”

    Not quite. He’s posted what he WOULD have said but apparently didn’t get to say.

    It seems to happen a lot.

    He claims to have been invited somewhere to do something that sounds important but it doesn’t quite turn out as he claimed it would.

  27. @ljh

    I couldn’t agree more. I listened to him talking about Islamism the other day, and I almost converted.

    He sounds a patronising twat, and I have some of his advantages.

  28. Read a comment earlier which rang true (apologies for not citing poster) but gist was that a number of comments here are from people with professional knowledge in a particular field and I really don’t get this sense at RM’s site. By way of example I saw a comment from RM on his site on an old article on Vodafone where he states that Vodafone lost all the court cases. Poster adds link to High Court decision. Clear as day that Vodafone is successful. How do I know this? Because I read the link which was to the High Court judgment and I specialise in litigation as a solicitor so don’t have difficulty reading a judgment. RM’s reply – ignores comment (and judgment) and says in other words that he has said all he needs to say and won’t debate further i.e. ignored the facts and that he his clearly in error. I suspect the vast majority of his posters (Arnold et al) don’t have the ability to examine the source material.

  29. @ Craig

    Yeah a bit like this NAO report which he is merrily claiming vindicates his position on the tax gap when it really doesn’t do anything of the sort

    Too thick to understand or just duplicitous I wonder

  30. Did the Meister get to say anything at all at this ever-so-important meeting?

    Murph has great big knowledge-free boots on.
    Murph has a great big knowledge-free hat.
    Murph has a great big knowledge-free intellect.
    “And that”, says Murph, “is that”

  31. Bloke not in Cymru

    as the old saying goes… careful what you wish for
    And this could turn out to be a case study of that principle

  32. We’re all laughing now but I’m worried Kevin B might be right.

    We’re only one more financial meltdown away from these nutters saying, “Look! Capitalism has failed you! Vote for us!”

    And you know what? I think the current generation are stupid enough to do it.

    Obviously it’ll all go tits-up when they realise they can’t have their iPhones (because all phone production has to be be centralised in Milton Keynes at the StatePhone factory), they can’t call Kim Kardashian a cow without a six-month stretch inside for ‘sexist thought-crime’, or fly off for a bevvied-up shag-fest in Barcelona because the climate police have closed all the airports – except Heathrow, which has been renamed Guardian Air.

    Then, like the spoilt simpletons they are, they’ll drag Jezza out of No10 and string him up in front of the nearest (closed) Nandos.

  33. Kevin B:”Also the beeb/guardian media alliance will be full of ‘starving children dying in the street’ stories, particularly now that Osborne has started to actually think about maybe cutting benefits rather than merely not putting them up as much as the lefties would like.”

    Osbourne isn’t cutting anything much when you look past the faux-triumphal bollocks in the Daily Mail.” Depts have to make a 40% cut in their budgets” DM trumpeted. “As Ospuke seeks to make a £20 billion cut.”

    £20 thousand million is 40% of £50,000,000,000. The spending by the scum of the British state is rapidly heading for £800,000,000,000 or 16 times that amount. Osboy is making NO serious attempt to cut spending.

    If he were to start by cutting benefits that would again be the actions of a moron. The whole point of the Welfare state was to create a society of dependant dummies who would ask for state permission before emptying their bowels. They haven’t quite got there yet but they have created a society full of large numbers of weak, clueless, ill-educated numptys who look to their masters for solutions/salvation. To start cutting off the money without an alternative (when govt antics like min wages/ regulations make any chance of real businesses being able to absorb a welfare state demob zero) will scare up a storm of what Robert Anton Wilson (via Timothy Leary) used to call bio-survival anxiety. That kind of anxiety is exactly what makes people turn to twats like Corbyne -who is full of evil shite but also full of self-assurance and promises that ring richly in the ears of desperate dumbells.

    If he gets to lead ZaNu he may well be around with his confident evil when the shit hits the fan. When UK/EU/USA/Anglosphere bungling and blulabourism bring the house of cards down and benefits (and a shit load of jobs, pensions and investments -including Theo’s) go down the pan.

    Be careful commenters what you wish for.

  34. Now I’m conflicted. Having paid my three quid to vote for Corbyn to destroy the Labour Party’s electoral chances, can I bear the smugness Murphy will show once he really is Shadow LHTD?

  35. Bloke in North Dorset

    I see the sainted Tony Blair has stepped in to the fray. Excellent, more ferrets in the bag squabbling to turn the voters off.

    As for Labour at the next election, whoever is leader is going to have to take on the SNP in Scotland and will no doubt have to make all sorts of spending promises, which will piss of the English whether Labour voters or not or try to blue Labour the Tories, which will piss off the Jocks.

    Its hard to see them coming back from that Morton’s Fork for a while.

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