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A New Zealander who speaks no French won the French-language Scrabble world championship by ………, competition organisers said on Tuesday.

Therefore, obviously, French is not a real language. But we English knew that anyway….jut a bastard slang and patois of Latin, isn’t it.

3 thoughts on “Zut!”

  1. The losing finalist was a Congolese.

    Maybe they were using the Academie Francaise dictionary, which is still struggling with words beginning N.

  2. Some guys are better at it – I assume that Usain Bolt could still win a 200 metres race in Paris if the starter addfressed them in French. A year after his (?second) stroke, my father was again/still winning at Scrabble (and, despite using “I’m the family dunce” as a throwaway line, I’m not a complete idiot, my mother got a State Schoilarship etc)

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