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A bloody good piece about Brits and booze


Go read.

8 thoughts on “A bloody good piece about Brits and booze”

  1. I got stuck at “Dr John Holmes”. If the whole Wonderland thing is true, he’s hardly one to talk about sobriety.

    Also: obligatory “his is a large one” joke.

    It’s enough to choke a man (or woman)

  2. He mentions the Fish-Faced Hag(tm) and her (mainly Camwank I suspect-if not his wife’s) plans to make all possible forms of ingested enjoyment illegal. Does anyone know if a campaign is being launched to stop said stupidity?

    Once again the EU may serve as useful idiots. Human rights etc.

  3. Bloke not in Cymru

    I agree the concept of daily guidelines always seemed odd to me. Asking the doctor if that means you should be drinking daily gets you a stern look and is not recommend before the more hands on elements of a check up

  4. PB’s website is all but unreadable with that ghastly background, which is like reading text through bubble wrap smeared with honey.

  5. Well I drink cos I like it, I reach chuspa every day, and am hardly ever drunk, and they can all fuck off and die and you re my best fren’ an I luv you

  6. It took millennia until we understood about sanitation and purification and there are remaining some parts of the world where, the only method to safely imbibe liquid – is to drink beer.

    Because the reason is…………….all about potable liquids and drink, specifically brewing beer, pressing apples in England – for people us, we of our of forebears the ordinary Brits needed to drink something that wasn’t going to give them a dose of the clostridiums – in other words “the shits”.

    Thus, drinking beer was the norm, not just for a night out on the razz and most people to a man and woman indulged.

    Therefore, in days of yore getting happy indeed going all the way to pissed was a daily occurrence for some, dipsomania was little understood and early death was expected anyway.
    Truly, it’s gonna take a lifetime of heavy boozing for an average person to develop cirrhosis if one just sticks to beer, those who do develop cirrhosis are often at risk and mix beer with consumption of other substances.

    I don’t know how or when it happened but all of a sudden from being [somewhat admired “wow he can drink” ] being a boozer and jack the lad. Some more mature colleagues are fond of relating tales of bars in factories by the canteen for the workforce’s own libation, imagine that?!
    In very bleak contrast, to almost and overnight at that, drinking went from ‘in’ to social outcast and pariah. It happened all in a flash and of that streak of special nihilism of puritanism curious to Britons who never like seeing other people enjoying themselves.
    Yes, the same witch hunt had been applied to those who did formerly partake of tobacco although it – was also a legal substance.

    Whether it be feminism or that, the NHS/BMA/RCN/DoH health Nazis needed a new target.

    Finally, binge drinking is something totally different to enjoying and night out with some special friends and with whom sharing a glass or two – is there anything finer than good company and fine wine/beer/Irish?

  7. I feel sorry for people who go through life a pint below par.

    I despise people who can’t hold their drink.

    I despair of idiots who boast that drink doesn’t affect their driving.

    That leaves a wide range of consumptions/circumstances that are OK by me. Better a pleasant chap being a bit tiddly than a bunch of puritanical medics trying to bully a whole population by the exercise of exaggeration and mendacity.

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