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But sometimes this is the government’s job

Jeremy Corbyn’s bad ideas would infuriate our international partners

Not that I’ve much sympathy for any of Jezza’s ideas, up to and including his use of the words “and” and “hello” but it is still true that sometimes it really is part of the government’s job to piss off foreigners.

5 thoughts on “But sometimes this is the government’s job”

  1. That argument is an all too common one, illustrating the pervasiveness of the debased self-flagellation certain political people engage in.

    Frankly who would think of other nations politicians first and what they think before and above us, the citizens. I’ve seen people mention that Obama doesn’t want the UK to leave the EU. Presented as if he thinks that for our own benefit and welfare, rather than it fitting with his nation state’s interest, that may be different from ours.

    It’s not that we shouldn’t think of diplomatic consequences, although thinking about foreign capital and what it thinks is more important on a day to day basis, but what non-citizens and what governments think is not a powerful point to support or oppose anything we decide to do, which includes Corbin

  2. It may be in our interest to be nice to furriners, it may be in our interest not to be nice to them, and this on a case-to-case basis.

    If you’re looking for furriners being nasty to us, look up the speeches Guy Verhofstadt makes against the UK in the EU parliament (ironically enough in English, of all languages).

  3. Corbyn just wants the UK to have a different set of “international partners” – Venezuela, Hamas, Iran. I expect he is warming to Obama at the moment though.

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