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Cilla Black says “Thank Goodness I’m dead”

Sir Cliff Richard to sing at Cilla Black’s funeral”

15 thoughts on “Cilla Black says “Thank Goodness I’m dead””

  1. No truth in the rumour that BA have organized a fly past of a couple of jumbo jets filled with cabin crew. 🙂

  2. Wow Tim.

    This is just the kind of comment I would expect from an embittered old queer. We know old queers who lost their looks can be as bitchy as hell.

    What next?

    See you at the next gay parade in London.

  3. bloke (not) in spain

    Bloke next door to here has been in the CR touring band, for years.. His take on the kiddie-fiddling thing is “complete bollocks”. But the ‘quiet Christianity’ thing has gotten up the noses of the usual suspects.

  4. Interesting that Sir Cliff has gone from cool to uncool, and his specky guitarist Hank Marvin, has gone the other way.

  5. Both Cilla Black and Cliff Richard are remnants of a time long gone by.

    Which will be the fate of all of us who live long enough.

    It does not seem inappropriate that he sing at her funeral. As their ranks thin, those left from that era commiserate. It has always been so.

  6. b(n)is, To be fair, the mills of Yorkshire justice grind exceeding slow. Yes, their cops have spent a year mulling whether to charge Sir C. But they’ve also they’ve spent ten years mulling whether to charge their 100K-or-so pedophile gang rapists.

  7. JT: The plods aren’t mulling. They are looking for some bullshit that they can get to fly under the same kind of standards that sunk Rolf etc. The amount of elapsed time since their house-search fiasco humiliation suggests that they cant find one that has a chance even in the present witch-hunt. They have been humiliated once–that is both the source of their thirst for revenge and their caution.

  8. What a horrid miserable bunch you all are. [This isn’t a revelation but I felt it bared repeating under the circumstances]

  9. bloke (not) in spain

    Oi, KJ. Leave me out of that. Always had a lot of respect for CR. Capable performer & almost alone, has done it over 5 decades without making a complete tit of himself.
    And CB wasn’t bad, if you like music hall acts.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Bared repeating? Something doesn’t bare repeating, it bears repeating.

    And while I have no problem with Sir Cliff or with Cilla for that matter, you are all being a bit po-faced. De mortuis and all that, but Tim was being unkind to Cliff, who is still alive.

  11. bloke (not) in spain

    “Cliff, who is still alive.”
    Until enlightened by the neighbour, I was under the impression they’d had him embalmed in the early 70s & he was worked by animatronics. Have you seen his latest pub shots? His plastic surgeon I have to meet. .

  12. Farewell Cilla,

    She’s always been there, now she’s gone, no more shall my dad ape her with “shut yer gob, Cliff”.

    She was brilliant in that dating show she hosted (Blind date), no one who blogs here or ever has blogged here or ever will blog here could have hosted that show as well as she did.

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