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Dust down your books of Neil Kinnock speeches

Looks like Joe Biden is thinking of running.

13 thoughts on “Dust down your books of Neil Kinnock speeches”

  1. He could well pick up a substantial proportion of the ABH Democratic vote ,and a fair amount of the uncommitted as well.

  2. In the related article Bernie Sanders is described as having a ‘liberal’ economic message. Sanders is more or less of a communist, isn’t he? I mean, I know the septics describe bog standard social democrats as ‘liberal’, but your actual commies?

  3. That Joe Biden is now considering a run should have been anticipated months ago by anyone who has been paying attention.

    If Hillary Clinton was ever going to be president, it would have been in 2008. What is becoming too obvious to ignore is that fact that she’s learned nothing from losing to Barack Obama back in 2007. That Biden is lacking in native intelligence sometime obscures the fact that he is, in his own way, a talented politician. Now that Bernie Sanders and Clinton’s own penchant for scandal has demonstrated her weakness, I think Biden will run. Another factor he has to watching is the Trump induced civil war that has broken out between the Republican base and the party’s leadership.

    The moment Trump hit 20% in the polls I started telling folks that Joe Biden will probably be our next president. At present I give him a 55% chance of winning, should he run.

    The stars appear to be aligning for Biden.

  4. I have yet to hear of anyone holding blackmailable information on Joe Biden, let alone dying as a result. And he is *certainly* preferable to Donald Trump.

  5. DtheP, I thought as much. This, then, is either a major leap forward for the abuse of language mongers or, er… has it happened before?

  6. EL –

    Well, we have a president who is ‘black’ that was born of a white woman and raised by a white grandmother.

    We have a blue-eyed U.S. Senator who is ‘part Cherokee’.

    We have a president who claims to be ‘liberal/centrist democrat’ who spent a decade or so at the feet of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

    The list goes on…

  7. Remember when John McCain was too old to be president in 2008?

    If the Dems didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all (pace PJ O’Rorke)

  8. Hey, guys.
    No 1 priority for POTUS is that he does NOT press the button when there isn’t a genuine threat, with no 2 being that enemies will believe that he is prepared to press the button when the alternative is conquest by some evil empire. Any economics or domestic politics or … are light-years behind.

  9. i think the cousins should concentrate on grabbing back power from a autocratic nutjob whose ‘landgrab’ has been extraordinary – in that, he now routinely bypasses both houses in the Congress to facilitate and by presidential directive enact his fantasy internationalist policies.

    Truly, I never thought I’d see the day when some jumped up lawyer and one steeped in the Chicago shenanigans, gerrymandering and pork barreling of the the Daley mobsters, could so usurp power in what I though was the best laid system to prevent precisely what Obama has done. In 2008 America – you elected a president and got a left wing tyrant.
    Thank God Hillary is dead in the water, Biden might but he will be hopeless – just another peanuts man. But surely, the next president must come from the right and the trouble is with the GOP – they’re not much different to the Dimocrats.

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