Funny who you see in the newspapers really

An elderly German man, who fled with his family from Czechoslovakia after World War II, has discovered the possessions secretly left hidden by his father in the roof of their old family home.
Rudi Schlattner was forced to flee the family home as part of a mass expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia after President Edvard Benes ordered the ‘final solution of the German question’ by evicting all ethnic Germans from the country.
After knocking on the wooden panels in the loft, Mr Schlattner found a small piece of string hanging from one of the panels. When he pulled it, a set of shelves were revealed, filled with the long lost secret possessions.
Mr Schlattner’s lost treasures will now be held in a museum in the town of Usti nad Labem as the Czech government’s rules dictate that all German property left behind is now owned by the state.

Well, OK, one of those little tales from those dark days. But this:

Manager of the museum Vaclav Houfek said: ‘Such a complete finding of objects hidden by German citizens after the war is very rare in this region.’

I know Vaclav, we partake of a glass or two in the same wine bar some evenings. Lovely bloke with one slightly alarming habit. He speaks German and Czech, I can manage English and Russian and French (and have even had to press some Italian into use in Usti….odd, but there we go, and I’m very definitely not fluent in anything other than English). So Vaclav insists in trying to talk to me in Portuguese, a language neither of us speaks.

Suppose it levels the playing field, there is that.

7 thoughts on “Funny who you see in the newspapers really”

  1. It’s funny how the SJW-types, pro-Palestinian activists and so on who bang on about supposed ethnic cleansing have nothing to say about the absolutely massive, genuine ethnic cleansing that happened in the wake of WW2.

    Why might that be, I wonder?

  2. This was why the Czechs and Poles were the last to sign the Lisbon Treaty – they insisted a clause be put in which prevented Germans who had been expelled claiming compensation!


    They were ‘all Nazis’ and as such deserved their fate is I think the general consensus amongst yer Social Justice Warriors!!

  3. It’s more of a prequel to the post-war western consensus that we don’t ever ever ever redraw national borders. Except when it makes Serbia smaller – then you can carve off what bits you like.

    What’s more amazing about the roof story is that the house didn’t get its roof replaced at least once in the post-communist pouring on of money.

  4. It’s more of a prequel to the post-war western consensus that we don’t ever ever ever redraw national borders.

    That’ll come as a surprise to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia and…Serbia.

    Except when it makes Serbia smaller – then you can carve off what bits you like.

    I have no truck for the Kosovars, but the Serbs were a bunch of cunts who surrendered any moral right to rule over Kosovo when they started massacring people.

  5. During the late unpleasantness with the Germans, my father found himself talking to a French priest in Latin.

  6. @Tim,

    all of those countries (with the sole exception of Serbia) were broken off along the former internal borders. Which I believe is what Clint insisted on with Yugoslavia. The fact is that a lot of those borders are in the wrong place, but only one of the “borders in the wrong place” within Serbia were considered fair game (The Serbs have been left with Vojvodina, probably because carving that off would cause a major disaster with the Hungarian bits of every other neighbouring country). Crimea is not considered fair game, neither are Abkhazia or Ossetia. The logical thing to do with Bosnia (divide it between Croatia and Serbia) is not allowed because apparently the Hapsburgs who drew a meaningless imperial “boundary” around it were right and the people who live there are wrong. As a result the country (which I spent some time in recently) remains a clusterfuck and potential tinder-keg to this day. The petty “ethnic” hatred extends to the graffitiing over of Latin road signs in Serbian areas and of Cyrillic road signs in Croatian areas.

    It’s the double standards that gets me – you see. Either borders are inviolable or they can be moved by force or popular will. We seem to apply whichever of those standards suits our questionable geopolitical ends.

  7. @ abacab
    There is a very simple answer: condemning ethnic cleansic after WWII is condemning Stalin.

    The Russians stole some land from Poland and simultaneously moved Poland’s border west so that the displaced Poles could replace dead Germans whom the Russians had killed.

    This was all part of the propaganda about Stalingrad where the Germans had outfought massively greater numbers of Russians (the German army, starting with 0.3m men had killed 1m Russians before they surrendered because they had run out of bullets. If Doctor Who told General Paulus to collect the rifles and ammunition from dead Russians, history would be changed – not enough to change the result of WWII but it might mean Eisenhower getting to Berlin before the Russians and Bohemia being free.)

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