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Good point about Ted Heath and kiddie fiddling

There were, back then, persistent rumours he was gay. But that, as we have surely learnt by now, is very, very different from being a paedophile.

Yes, that’s obvious. But this:

The same is true of some of the other allegations aired this week, which cover the period after 1965 when he became Leader of the Opposition. From that moment on, every minute of every day would have been recorded and accounted for in his diary. He would have had a government driver and, from 1970 when he was elected as Prime Minister, would also have had Special Branch officers with him at all times, right up to his death in 2005.

Yes, we know the Met was bent for a good part of that time but that bent?

Not really, I think, eh?

3 thoughts on “Good point about Ted Heath and kiddie fiddling”

  1. Didn’t the woman who raised this all hint that he had actually been bonking underage (yet post-pubescent) female tarts in her brothel?

    Admittedly, that’s hardly the received wisdom that has come down through the years but …

  2. It is standard paedo-lunacy. Heath was treasonous euro-sucking scum and possibly gay but a kiddie-fiddler?

    As PM his movement would be watched very closely as Tim states. And stories of paedo antics on the Morning Cloud are also unlikely. It was a racing yacht and Heath supposedly even had all the internal doors removed to save weight so there could hardly have been much privacy aboard.The entire crew would have to been in on the caper. I think not.

    As for his sex antics there were tales back in the fifties that Special Branch got their kicks following him around various London public toilets to avoid any possible embarrassment to the Tory party of that era. Rumours are not worth a damn mostly but those tales at least circulated at the time and were not confabulated 40 years afterward.

    It maybe that the Westmonster crew hope that they can divert the femmi-circus into tall tales of supposed historical wrongdoing and avoid the Savile Bomb going off in their contemporary midst. They are deluded. This crap is just setting them up for the great witch(warlock?)– smelling to come.

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