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Alan Yentob, the BBC’s creative director, apparently warned civil servants that sudden closure of the charity Kids Company would lead to rioting and arson attacks against government buildings.
In June an email signed off by Mr Yentob, the chairman of the charity’s trustees, reportedly said that there was a “high risk of arson attacks on government buildings” and teenagers served by the charity could “descend into savagery”.

The mob possibly led by a trustee worried that the hole in the wages might have to come out of his pocket?

11 thoughts on “Hmm”

  1. Why would these feral savage kids have the nous to target government buildings? As we saw in the London riots, the idiots mostly burn down their own neighbourhoods…

  2. @Julia – if you burn down your own patch it gets rebuilt, nicer, at other peoples’ expense.

    Is it wasis of me me to now be imagining Botney as Fagin?

  3. “teenagers served by the charity could “descend into savagery”.”


    Just like ‘Lord of the Flies’.

    If it happened in a stadium, I think I’d pay to watch it.

    Same with knife crime. The problem isn’t ‘yoofs’ stabbing each other for ‘dissing’ each other, it’s that it happens where the public could get caught up in it. If it happened at Wembley stadium we could sell tickets. And hotdogs.

  4. Lucky the weather is so shit at the moment, presumably government buildings aren’t flammable in constant rain. Or is Yentob on holiday?

    Dear Government,

    Nice buildings you’ve got here. Would be a shame if any of them burned down.



  5. I would be interested to see Yentob’s response if he was asked why he views the ‘clients’ as latent savages. I doubt that he does. He’s just saying bullshit to argue his case. But I think it would tie him in knots somewhat.

  6. “We have created a structure which acts as a substitute parent and extended family. The endings of these relationships will be therefore potentially equivalent to death of …”

    How many kids react to the death of a parent by setting fire to government buildings?

  7. bloke (not) in spain

    If there’s any truth to Yentob’s assertion, how many yoof charities need to be closed to initiate yoof burning down government buildings? Is it a critical mass thing?
    I see the need for well funded research.
    This is information we need to know.
    To draw up a list.

  8. If Kids Company achieved any results at all, and the kids are now at the stage where they burn down buildings when free money is withdrawn, what were they like before? Eating each others pets for a laugh?

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