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Idiot Murphism

PQE is 1 20th the cost of PFI.

Well done Ritchie. You’ve missed that PFI pays maintenance costs, PQE doesn’t.


1 thought on “Idiot Murphism”

  1. Candidly, it is irrelevant neoliberal trolling to dare to claim that the LHTD statements bear any relationship to not-yet-truth.

    Because there will be a law passed confiscating, without compensation, any different between People’s PQE and all previous neoliberal government funding arrangements. And seizing all past profits on the same. It will be the “Neoliberal Profiteering Sin** Tax”.

    Because this is clearly the settled will of the People*.

    * i.e. that portion of “the people” who we want to count.

    ** because Quakers (at least that portion of Quakers who we want to count) are really big on damning people for even the most trivial sins.

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