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In a recording studio all day

… play nicely.

No, I’m not warbling…..taking actors through the script for a computer game.

11 thoughts on “In a recording studio all day”

  1. bloke (not) in spain

    Last flight over was next to a middle aged, holidayed, suit zapping bad guys on his iFondle. To a muted soundtrack of bangs, screams & explosions. And he was wriggling in his seat, FFS. The temptation to tighten the lap-strap, lean past him & yank the emergency door release was profound.

  2. Come on Tim, tell us the story. Has the infamous Keynes-Hayek rap battle gone to the next level as an economics-themed FPS deathmatch? Keynes has Attack Helicopter money and Hayek drops the Creative-Destruction bomb? Or are you just getting odd jobs from local companies as a native English speaker who can advise on pronunciation and idioms?

  3. B(n)iS… It’s unfortunately impossible to open a door in flight because the doors open inwards. I’ve often been tempted myself.

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