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In which I am pendantic

Indeed, they are. Even after gracelessly implying Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly suffered from PMS during the first Republican candidates’ debate,

No, Trump’s actual reference was to bleeding. PMS is “pre-menstrual”. Not menstrual.


11 thoughts on “In which I am pendantic”

  1. In the early stages of the campaign, they are tapping into immense voter dissatisfaction with not just the Republican and Democratic Party establishments but a 21st-century status quo that is in many ways genuinely depressing and disappointing.

    So it turns out lots of Yanks don’t like being taken for fools by their political establishments, and don’t like seeing their homeland turned into a giant barrio.

    How depressing and disappointing.

  2. The pendant link itself no longer goes to the Polly article, only to the front page – ie Graun site has been re-arranged..

  3. bloke (not) in spain

    ” Graun site has been re-arranged..”
    Not well enough. Hellfire through the roof’d clear it for redevelopment. Could be something worthwhile, like a car park.

  4. From a comment under the linked Nick Gillespie…article:


    The two-party establishment which has betrayed the American people, is terrified of Bernie Sanders–will do anything–slam him in any way possible–even print nonsense like the article above. Bernie is a true believer, all of his life,not a simple opportunist seeing which way the wind is blowing like Hillary.

    Which could read Corbyn?

    What about Hussein Bam Bam Obama, wasn’t he the real deal? Gory – raw bloody red Socialism – of course now gone postmenstrual.

    Doh………………what could Bernie add?

  5. Bloke in Costa Rica

    “The two-party establishment which has betrayed the American people, is terrified of Bernie Sanders”

    Sanders is running as a Democrat, which is to say: as a representative of one of the two parties which has allegedly betrayed the American people.

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