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Interesting this

The report, which went through European budgets on a line-by-line basis, established that the EU spent £560million directly on promotions and communications.
However, the figure is likely to be Conservative as many promotional activities are included in larger budgets and not detailed separately.
Business for Britain said that the EU committed to £3.1billion worth of spending which included “corporate communication of the political priorities of the Union” – more than the advertising budget for Coca Cola.

The standard left wing line about advertising is that it only exists to persuade us to buy things we don’t want or need.

Thus, logically, if people are spending money on advertising, then we don’t want or need that thing, do we?

3 thoughts on “Interesting this”

  1. If those cartoons were published in the Soviet Union or during the Cultural Revolution they’d be mocked as obvious and laughable propaganda.

  2. Bloke – why not ask the EU? You won’t get an answer, in my experience, or even an acknowledgement (after all, we only pay their inflated salaries), but it’s their figure, and nothing to do with the Conservatives, however many other appalling and terrible things they may (or may not be) responsible for.

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