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Jezz has the nutter vote cornered then

Asked whether “the world is controlled by a secretive elite”, 28 per cent of Mr Corbyn’s supporters strongly agreed. Just 13 per cent of the overall population said the same.

Wonder what portion think it’s the neoliberals who control everything and those who flat oit say it’s the Joos?

20 thoughts on “Jezz has the nutter vote cornered then”

  1. Bloke in North Dorset

    According to polls reported by Guido:

    Other personality traits are equally unsurprising; two thirds describe themselves as dreamers and only 1 in 8 say they are good with numbers and concludes that “Put simply, this group is not going to be ‘reasoned with’ – they are looking to be inspired.”

    The lack of numeracy is the biggest problem, there’s no wonder Murph and is ilk get away with their crap.

  2. Same poll stated that the Corbynists’ main source of news was social media.

    Presumably because mainstream news is controlled by the jews/neoliberals/lizards/Murdoch/etc.

  3. In related news, in an article on today’s Times, Corbyn is advocating a “massive growth in campaigning politics.” Lefties always seem to use the word “massive”. Could it be that “massive” change is required to fulfill their aims because so few people agree with them in the first place?

  4. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Well, the world is controlled by an elite. They’re just not very secretive about it. Corbyn and his ilk have never had a problem with that. They’re just angry it’s not them. The Vanguard of the Proletariat has always been a pretty select club.

  5. He’s not quite got the nutter vote sewn up yet. No sign of him so far on Infowars/Prison Planet. Has David Icke endorsed him yet?

  6. I’m not sure what’s been more mental on Newsnight this week: Monbiot’s cookery class or Ann Pettifor explaining why renationalising industry isn’t renationalising industry.

  7. bloke (not) in spain

    “Sod the neo-Marxist whackos, that 13% is scary.”

    Had this a few days ago, with someone I’d presumed rational & marginally educated.
    “Immensely rich pharmacos are yadda, yadda, yadda…”
    “Great! Then I must be immensely rich. I’ve shares in Glaxo”
    So then we got onto how all the immensely rich people keep all their dosh in pound notes under their incredibly thick mattresses.
    Or I think they must. On the basis of what was being claimed.
    Gave up about then.

    The only surprise for me is it’s only 13%

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Only slightly off topic, the Economist has an article on Corbynomics which isn’t wholly dismissive, except for PQE:

    If the plan to boost investment through reform of the tax system is half-baked, another of Mr Corbyn’s ideas is dangerous. He promises “people’s quantitative easing”, a radical twist on a policy that the Bank of England has pursued since 2009. Instead of using newly created money to buy government bonds, as happens under ordinary QE, Mr Corbyn seems to want the Bank of England to use that cash for more productive purposes, by buying bonds from the national investment bank.

    In the short term people’s QE might gee up economic activity without increasing the stock of government debt—currently 80% of GDP—since the Bank of England could write off the bonds it had bought. But it is a risky proposal. At present the bank looks unlikely to embark on a fresh round of QE (instead it is mulling monetary tightening). If Prime Minister Corbyn were to rely on QE to fund public investment, he might be tempted to cajole the bank into prescribing more of it. At the mercy of politicians, the bank would lose its credibility, and confidence would drain from the economy, forcing interest rates up and crimping investment—again, just the opposite of what was intended.

  9. I remember talking to someone who seemed perfectly respectable and lucid, no ‘trigger warnings’ of nuttiness – yet he turned out to be a Truther, a 100% acolyte. Scary times.

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