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Kids Company, a youth charity which received £3 million of government funding a week ago, has reportedly told the government that it will close its services on Wednesday evening.

So, get the grant to cover the financial holes that the trustees could be responsible for then close?

Or am I projecting here?

Completely off topic but when do we get to see the bankruptcy report into the Work Foundation?

5 thoughts on “My word”

  1. Howls of bien-pensant anguish on the BBC today. “What will happen to all the poor kiddies??”
    I really don’t think they’ve caught on yet. Kids Company claimed to be supporting 30,000 childrenj. Does anyone fancy a sweepstake on the real number? My opening bid probably high at 3000.

  2. Bloke not in Cymru

    Does the 3m include the unpaid PAYE or should we add that to the total.
    Most people would be facing fraud charges and serious jail time for this level of corruption

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