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On the Nigerian Sofa

The creatures outside looked from sofa to sofa, and from sofa to sofa, and from sofa to sofa again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

23 thoughts on “On the Nigerian Sofa”

  1. Theo: “Seriously, why would anyone dress like that?”

    It is the only garment with pockets big enough to hold £3 million quid.

  2. If the press coverage is correct, this one may just be simple enough for the SFO not to fuck up and get a conviction.

  3. It’s camouflage colouring. It enables her to sneak up unseen on chickens, particularly of the Kentucky Fried variety.

  4. In rugby they talk of an outside half getting an “armchair ride” if his pack dominates the opposition. A sofa was absolutely the best prop for her in that interview, because it wasn’t exactly a ferocious grilling. Looks like she tugged a few Progressive contacts and got a big splash in the Grauniad as a puff piece.

  5. I can occasionally read a Jenkins all the way through and Hoggard could be entertaining, but I’ve never been able to read an ordinary Gruan article to the end.

    This was no exception. Though I was reminded of their simple outlook on life; if the State gives it money it must be a Good Thing.

    Some exceptions are obviously made on the grounds of taste.

  6. SE. This^^^^. Doesn’t say much for old dish face’s judgment, or the Office of Budget Responsibility, for not flagging it or throwing out the anchor on further ‘gifts’ to protect us benighted tax payers.

  7. Gosh, wow, LOL. I read through the whole Grauniad hagiography, just a tiny hedging of bets here and there. Amazingly the word “fraud” failed to appear even in a negative context.
    And at the end, links to four or five other Grauniad pieces, all similar to judge from their headlines. The woman must be a saint; either that or the bien pensant left are going to end up looking bloody foolish.

  8. Other things they didn’t mention.

    The possibly not a chauffeur (but who really cares)’s daughter’s “bursary”.

    The HMRC PAYE withholdings and their non-payment to HMRC.

    I would also note that, like many in the IT industry, I didn’t think there was anything that could lower my opinion of Deloitte*. I was, of course, wrong.

    * Who are not, Guardian, “the financial sector.” They are parasites on many sectors, including finance.

  9. Why would anyone dress like that? Because dressing in such an overtly “ethnic” fashion is rather like wrappings oneself in Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility; in this case having the effect of preventing the utterence of any criticism of the wearer.

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