Quite so, quite so

Even the people who still employ me don’t.

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  1. When a weapon’s grade dingbat like Corbyn is taking you seriously, you know nobody of intelligence or consequence will be.

  2. Reminds me of Stuart Campbell of “Wings over Scotland” infamy, anyone with a contrary argument is “not worth taking seriously” which conveniently allows them to not respond to their arguments.

  3. Showing this site to my facebook crowd-think results in genuine wtfs. It is very difficult to take anything here very seriously.

    I think that is the general intention, though, isn’t it?

    Still, at least the commenters try ever so hard to sound their cleverest.

  4. Arnald –

    Richard Murphy is presently replying to comments left by George Sybian and Brian Faux. You might want to inform Mr. Murphy that he’s being had…

    Or do I need to explain it to you?

  5. Patty

    Nah, I said my piece. I can’t be arsed to read everything. I’m still surprised you still use the “stool pigeon” refrain, it implies I have something to do with Murphy’s price of fish. You’re wrong and really creepily insistent.

    Have you managed to consistently talk a pile of old wank every second of the day (and probably in the night with your degenerative geriatric senility)?

    I’ll get your slippers, yeah, and after you can have a little nap.

  6. Penis the penis

    OK, show me yours now I’ve shown you mine.

    Don’t want to?

    No fucking balls, that’s the problem with you twats, it’s all meh meh meh from the sidelines. Man up and switch off your pathetic shit and do something more interesting instead.

  7. Arnald

    Serious question for you.

    “you twats… Man up and switch off your pathetic shit and do something more interesting instead.”

    If that is what you think, then why care? Why even come and read anything on here?

    I only ask because there are all sorts of places on the internet where I have exactly that same view (that you just articulated).

    Usually when that happens, I only visit the once, or maybe twice, thrice, etc, when my memory fails me.

    Or, if it’s potentially interesting, I’ll go and read, just to know what the other side are thinking? And if I do engage in enemy territory, I’ll try to be as neutral as possible.

    Two pennies worth, and anyway not really my concern?

  8. Arnald –

    Unlike you, I have the good sense to confine my musical efforts to the household shower. As Harold Callahan, philosopher, once posited: “A good man knows his limitations.” You might want to keep that quote in mind the next time you’re thinking about singing at someone.

    As to engaging in something more interesting, well, I applied to Richard Murphy for the paid position of internet informer, but he told me the it was already filled by a volunteer.

  9. PF

    It is potentially interesting, and I do wonder where some of these opinions come from, but I don’t always see the point in being neutral. After all, I only really post when there are feeble attempts at attacking me.

    But then of course I’ve killed hundreds of millions and I worship North Korea. Although I’ve never said as much. Oh I just did. It must be true then. Where are X and SMFS anyway. Smutting it up in the Caribbean no doubt?

    “I am considerably more northern European than you”.

  10. Arnald,

    Re preference / style of interaction etc: fair enough – each to their own…

    “I am considerably more northern European than you”.

    I’m guessing that was intended for a different thread / blog..!?

  11. Lawrence

    ‘You’re wrong’ – In which case why do you care? – and other than Murphy himself it’s hard to know anyone who has been shown to be so consistently wrong and in error as you. Or do you not recall your pathetic comment (which the cretin managed to publish despite you asking him not to) revealing to this self-styled ‘authority’ who Lavrentiy Beria was?

    Regarding you killing hundreds of millions – I’ve always thought there was something a little off about you – and delighted to hear you worship North Korea, which also confirms my suspicions about you. Best post a video of Tony Benn (or would it be Corbyn now?) as proof of yours (and your idol’s) rectitude – run along now – your trolls await you!

  12. Pitter-Patter

    Bloody hell you do bang on. One post about a hundred years ago has you fixated. It isn’t healthy.

    As for recognising some obvious names and telling Murphy that someone here was being stupid, so the fuck what. Get over it. I get you’re pissed off that that particular thread caught my attention, but christ alive, if you really believe I’m some sort of content filter then you are truly demented. As your “most evil man on the planet” comments prove.

    I know you find it hard to get out and about, but surely one of your acquaintances can give you a helping hand to change your bag while you experience some real social interactions.

    It might take your mind off using your notes on me to show that you can actually remember anything worthwhile.

    Time for your Meals on Wheels. It’s been macerated for your comfort.

  13. PF

    Pretend quote was a summary of a conversation with SMBS and himself as I happen to mention her previously.

    That’s the way I roll.

  14. Arnald,

    – Re your comment to VP:

    I risk being boring, and in which case apologies. You are right, it’s history, and I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know what I found slightly odd about that episode.

    It was the first four words: “Don’t publish this, Richard”.

    Think about it. Just a few posts up on here, you say: “No fucking balls, that’s the problem with you twats”

    Well, my advice, for what it’s worth: either be more competent at being underhand (!) – or (in your own words) “show some balls” and don’t give a monkey’s whether he publishes it or not…

    If that makes any sense? Like I say – history, and not my gig…

    – Re rolling: sure, I understand.

  15. Lawrence, my old stool pigeon

    This is about the fourth or fifth time you have pointed out to him that he is being trolled, you ignorant halfwit (albeit the first under your true name- assuming it is that)

    I’d expect ‘a leading tax authority’, especially one with such a well defined ‘anti trolling’ comments policy to at least cast a jaundiced eye over some of the supportive comments but then your idol shares your ignorance, I presume of almost anything worth knowing – economics, history, taxation, science – the list goes on.

    It’s possible yer man is merely misguided but the viciousness of many posts, the intolerance shown In The comments and numerous spats on Twitter point to a borderline misanthrope and between the lifting from various aged totalitarian screeds that have caused such mayhem over the past decades he is at best profoundly ignorant and at worst evil (and as is pointed out – potentially advising the next PM)

    As for the rest, the usual partially literate litany of abuse without a coherent argument – run along now – your idol may be missing your support…

  16. PF

    Pointless trying to be reasonable with such an ignorant cretin I’m afraid – many have tried – the comments above are what you get – still given Murphy’s bile and abuse the phrase

    ‘By the company a man keeps shall ye know him’ applies to his chief stool pigeon in these parts…..

  17. Stuart Campbell of “Wings over Scotland”

    “Wings over Bath”, dear boy, don’t let him persist in his delusion*. He loves Scotland so much he left to get a job.

    * Oh, maybe there is somebody else on this thread …

  18. PF and for Van_Forhire.com, if I must.

    I see. My not bothering to find his @ddress and using his comment-construction to mention something, wasn’t very well thought out or as clever I felt in that moment.

    If I had posted it (and one the other time – two, Pattercake, two, in all my days) without the opening statement do you think it would have been published anyway? I mean, if one doesn’t have time to control one’s editorial content, see Beria, then a random post from someone who hasn’t commented anything much for years there will also get published. Regardless. I share that criticism. Wouldn’t happen on my watch.

    It only proves that Mak_Kapakka’s aspersions (Hmm stretching Patty’s name-mangle a little there – but it’s how I imagine her in that link); “lickspittle” and “stool pigeon” – probably others equally dull – are just backward drivel.

    In The Night Garden is constantly hilarious if you can recognise that David Cameron is just a ham-faced Iggle Piggle.

    Oh and Cha_Pati, (I’m running out of cheap epithets, you see?) “partially literate litany”? Nice use of alliteration, but you don’t pay enough attention to context.

    re Murphy’s failings in your post. History is always viewed through bias and economics is at best speculative. A few hundred years of musing on the issue is not enough to be able to state without doubt one way or another. Someone’s equations will always be superceded eventually. Taxation generally is again a social work in progress. Opposing ideas are necessary, having an ideological bent is necessary: evolution of civilisation, and that. Science? Must have missed something.

    And as for “advising the next PM”! Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me!


  19. Larry, my uninformed informant

    Nice to see I’m striking a nerve, and loving the irrelevant YouTube link – just as hare-brained as your earlier assertions. It suggests the medication your institution is giving you might need a stronger dosage…

    Also, unlike you, I’m unlikely to scour through the sweepings of the mind that constitute Murphy’s output to count the number of times you saw fit to ‘inform’ him that he was being trolled – I think once would be once too many……

    The remainder of your post is spectacularly incoherent – which again suggests whatever pharmaceutical remedy you have chanced upon to have the wherewithal venture back on to these pages is wearing off.

    ‘A few hundred years of musing on the issue is not enough to be able to state without doubt one way or the other’

    So the bald assertions and unsubstantiated assumptions of a semi-retired accountant trump several hundred years of study in a discipline? I fear your idol lacks your level of self- doubt or the criticisms levelled at his work in this forum probably wouldn’t be quite as germane.

    ‘opposing ideas are necessary. Having an ideological bent is necessary’

    Again hard to follow the ‘train of thought’ here – no doubt these sentences were typed between uncontrollable spasms or your restraints were being re-applied whilst posting – if opposing ideas are necessary, why bar them from the comments section of your blog? Again, not an opinion I would wager your guru pays more than lip service to….

    Anyhow, no doubt you have a video of Benn to end on – better get back over there to ‘fight injustice’ and ‘speak for civil society’ – you craven cretin.

  20. Erm, not really Patty, you simply can’t read.

    And at risk of boring myself, Murphy’s comment policy on Murphy’s published content is no concern of yours. You can do your 100% correct expert critiques here and elsewhere, as Worstall does. Obsessively. If that’s not good enough for you then hire someone to beat the shit out of Murphy’s gob and be done with it.

    Stop fucking complaining.


    Adolf Hitler (snigger)(I’m so clever!)

  21. Lawrence, my old stool pigeon

    Try taking enough medication that your thoughts become actually coherent – you’re quite right that Murphy is entitled to his own comments policy (as there have been about 20 comments posts to that effect over the years) – again I ask then why not simply stay in TRUK – which is evidently where your ideological comfort zone is – and not darken this door?

    Unlike Murphy and his acolytes I don’t do threats or violence – that’s more the ‘Curajus State’s’ purview.

    I tend to think your and Murphy’s ideological leaning more towards Mussolini but thanks for putting us all straight

    You sycophantic simpleton

    Oh, you did get one thing right – you’re boring me and everyone else here with your puerile rantings.

    Run along now – haven’t you got some reports to file with your masters?

  22. Patricia

    Threats or violence? Where?

    Again, you can’t read. My line was “at the risk of boring myself”. I couldn’t give a toss if I’m boring you. The internet, yay!

    I’m going to say this very slowly. Where do you have proof of what my ideological leaning actually is? Have I ever spelt it out?

  23. Larry – you who reminisce about pre – 1989 Eastern Europe with great fondness.

    I’m equally indifferent if I’m offending you – Christ, you do babble on like some demented inmate…..

    As to threats or violence it’s quite clear your reading of TRUK or Murphy’s Twitter feed is sporadic or selective at best.

    I’m glad you’re boring yourself – I think however it would be remiss of me not to point out you have bored everyone else rigid as well.

    As you said earlier:

    ‘Bloody hell you do bang on. One post about a hundred years ago has you fixated. It isn’t healthy.’

    I take it your asylum has no mirrors?

    your ideological leaning seems clear enough – totalitarian and dismissive of human freedom – have you published your manifesto here – probably not. Can I read between the lines yes.

    Piss off and put a petition to ban Worstall on Avaaz or some other community of like minds – just please stop your drivel here – it really is depressingly witless and fact free, as well as scarcely literate….

  24. “you who reminisce about pre – 1989 Eastern Europe with great fondness.”


    “totalitarian and dismissive of human freedom”. You’re just making shit up again. At least my “drivel” makes me laugh.

    “Can I read between the lines yes.”

    No, obviously you can’t. Nor can you read the actual lines either.

    Why would I want to petition a ban on Worstall? And are you trying to censor me? Would you block me if you had control?

    Tell you what, why don’t you fuck off? I’m having fun.

  25. Lawrence

    Glad you’re having fun – unlike everyone else on this thread who have left you to it. I really think the authorities at your place of residence need to get a grip on their inmates use of the internet – Still at least if you’re drivelling here you aren’t interacting with anyone else.

    Might be best to head back to TRUK – who know what trolls have slipped past whilst you toil here?

  26. Lawrence

    BlahBlahBlahBlah ….Bad pun….. partially literate critique of Worstall………. obscure, if sometimes mildly amusing reference……

    My word, you do go on……

  27. I love that “partially literate” thing you keep on repeating. But what does it mean? Are you “partially literate” because you can’t understand words strung together into sentences, sometimes nuanced with layers of meaning? Or is it because you can only understand words strung together into sentences when arranged like a set of instructions to build a table from Ikea?

    Can you actually think or are you just about passing the Turing test?

  28. BlahBlahBlah

    Wall of noise….. abuse…………more incoherence……Realisation trolls might be posting on TRUK in my absence…….. remember to patrol Social media for ‘inappropriate content’……..polish my stool

    Jeez, put a sock in it!

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