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Slightly unfortunate Swedish neologism

I only ever speak English to our three-year-old daughter, and my wife only speaks Swedish to her. The one exception is the word snippa. It’s Swedish for a girl’s genitals, the female equivalent of snopp, meaning “willy”, and I can’t find an English word that does the job.

Fair enough and all that, beats talking about “little lady bits” and the like.

But to snip in English is “klippa” in Swedish. And did they really need to give the fundamentalist immigrants a rhyme for female genital mutilation? Klippa den slippa?

15 thoughts on “Slightly unfortunate Swedish neologism”

  1. I think I recall hearing “cooter” used to describe girl parts before. It’s probably not shockingly rude, and it sounds cutesy to me.

  2. If that’s American that’s a corruption of “cooties” which are those invisible girlie things which make them like the colour pink and so repulse little boys. Until they grow up a bit and get interested in cooters of course.

  3. It is, to an extent, but there’s definitely a meaning of it being something that girls have and that boys don’t want.

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