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So climate change is good then, right?

Climate change contributed to the evolution of dogs, forging man’s best friend from a creature that acted like a cat and looked like a mongoose.

Turning a vicious little shit that eats cobras and ignores me as a cat does into a puppy (puppies, !puppies, !PUPPIES!) sounds like a damn good reason to keep burnin’ that coal, ya’ kno’?

12 thoughts on “So climate change is good then, right?”

  1. I can never own a dog. Simply not possible. It is not the feeding or the walking that I mind. Or even the veterinary expenses.

    No, it is the fact that I have to pick up the dog shit and carry it until I see a dog shit bin or a toilet. Sorry, just not going to happen.

  2. How did they determine behavior from just fossils?

    Both canine and feline families have a variety of hunting methods across the species that involve stalking and chasing. Smaller felines tend to be crepuscular hunters who stalk and have developed senses, but the big cats hunt in prides like dog packs, and all of them pounce, eventually, certainly my dog does when she catches up with the “prey” (tennis ball).

    Habitat is not an issue, the wildcat, from which the domestic cat is evolved, hunts in North Africa and Arabia, hardly dense terrain.

    There seems to be very little difference between how plains hunters of both feline and canine hunt, this seems to be a twisted argument just to link it to “climate change” via the evolution of habitat, but I suppose you have to have some mention of it somewhere to get an article published nowadays.

  3. Felines and canines probably diverged before we diverged from proto chimps to proto homo. So without reading you can see the fault line.
    Dogs got bred to hunt, cats were tolerated to kill vermin in food stores.
    As Runcible says, the requirement for “peer reviewed” papers to be peer reviewed by other nutters is a disgrace.

  4. The really interesting bit is that as far as the law is concerned, cats are wild animals but dogs aren’t. Sensible really.

  5. @Rob,

    That’s because of property/liability tradeoffs, innit?

    My property (dog) damages your property, I pay you. You damage my property you pay me. With cats no one pays anyone for damage, either to property caused by the cat, or to the cat caused by whatever.

    As a cat owner I think the (pre-Mohammed) Egyptians had it about right. And even the post-Mohammed ones have it right about dogs.

  6. bloke (not) in spain

    “They were wolves before they were dogs.”
    Where’d you get the idea they’re not still wolves? Behind the eyes of even the smallest dog there’s a wolf looking out. And the smaller the container, the more annoyed that wolf’s getting.
    Hence chihuahuas.

  7. Apart from the tendency of “domestic” dogs regularly to bite, maim and kill people, the biggest argument for cat ownership and owners and against dog owners and ownership is Murphy, the apex dog owner.

    Dog owners tend to like to be (whether they know this or not) leaders of packs, as Murphy leads the camp-following brown-nosers on his blog. He owns spaniels, by the way

  8. bloke (not) in spain

    Have to be spaniels, wouldn’t it? Country squire an’ all that. Certainly couldn’t be border collies. They’d be correcting his grammar & pointing out the errors in his economics.
    Not all dogs are allike.

  9. If there’s anything in the article, it’s evidence that climate change happens without any interference from man. Maybe we’d be better off adapting to it then , since we clearly can’t control it.

  10. Dogs and wolves are the same species, they can breed fertile hybrids ( see “wolfdog”), nasty as hell creatures though.

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