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Something that we must all remember

What this does imply to me is that, as one person who wrote to me about your post said, you are “not arguing in good faith”.

I have, of course, held this view before: for a long time you happily joined in trolling abuse with the likes of Tim Worstall and I broke off any engagement with you precisely because it appeared you wished to play in that gutter. Your pulled yourself out of it, I thought, and so I tried again. I now see that was a waste of time.

I extended the courtesy of a fully developed argument in response to your abuse: you have just replied with more offence. I long ago realised that argument on this basis is a complete distraction. As I said: I have no desire to do personal, and since it seems you won’t debate I draw matters to a halt here, happy that you have had your chance to comment and have had nothing to say.

In disappointment


That thing that we must all remember being that SuperMurph wears his underpants outside his tights. He’s saving the world here, not getting bogged down in anything so trivial as logic or consistency.

Roger Morbeck says:
August 29 2015 at 7:52 pm
Are you saying, Richard, (a) that PQE is a tool for dealing with the next economic crisis (if it arrives before interest rates rise) OR (b) that PQE is a means of maximising funds for public expenditure in any economic conditions OR (c) both (a) and(b)? I am genuinely puzzled.

Richard Murphy says:
August 29 2015 at 8:07 pm
I have answered those questions many times

Please read what I have written


16 thoughts on “Something that we must all remember”

  1. Even Corbyn is probably having second thoughts today.

    I foresee backtracking and excuse making once he wakes up, some unprovable lament about a stressful day in his personal life, perhaps.

  2. Recently, Murphy has fallen out with Chris Giles at the FT, Frances Coppola and The Economist and possibly with Larry Elliott. He is making enemies at a phenomenal rate, and he doubtless believes that he is the victim of criticism because he is a prophet and his critics are jealous of his eminent genius.

  3. I’ve just gone and read the exchange; quite staggering.

    I would ask those who indulge him, people such as Jolyon Maugham, to think long and hard about what exactly they think they are doing.

  4. Ironman:

    Thanks for reminding me of Peston and Flanders. What struck me about my initial list is that he has achieved all those ruptures in about eight days. Is this a record for him?

    And, as you say, the exchange on that thread is quite staggering. It is also quite delicious!

  5. He is a deeply unpleasant man. That, in itself, is not an insurmountable problem in his trade. But he combines it with being a self-absorbed delusional fuckwit.

  6. It’s incredible he not once, but twice accuses Coppola of abusing him. Nowhere could i find anything that could ever be taken as abuse.

    Francis also says “Bonds” issued to UK citizens, where he replaces that with Gilts on rebuttal. I took bonds paying a higher rate of interest as being National Savings Bonds, and the recently issued pensioner bonds which I believe are only available to UK citizens.

    Keep up the good work Tim, the worm is turning and we are close to the day when he is universally ridiculed from the airwaves for the pratt he is.

  7. He is the pub bore who has to win every argument, discussion, conversation.We all know someone like this. The person who says “No!” A millisecond after you say something and then has to work out why. He cannot take any reverse, however minor. As he is taking on many very competent people, and he isn’t, he goes nuclear almost immediately.

    It isn’t a sensible strategy, but it cannot be a strategy if it is compulsive.

  8. I’m an American, so I hope you’ll indulge my ignorance: When Roger Morbeck asks a single question, and Richard Murphy refers to it as “those questions”, is this because of differences between American “English” and British English, or is it just because Ritchie understands grammar about as well as he understands economics?

  9. CayleyGraph

    I have already answered that elsewhere.

    You can look it up. I do not intend to repeat myself.

  10. He is out of his depth. His stool pigeon is sleeping on the job and being a pathological narcissist he is incapable of accepting correction. The latest post on TRUK is simply shocking in its ignorance and wanton disregard for his being exposed as basically a charlatan on numerous occasions. I’d give him less than 2 months before either Corbyn disowns him or he abrogates his responsibility for Corbynomics…

  11. You need to read his latest blog, which I imagine he regards as somewhat conciliatory in being a “I’m right, you did libel me, but let’s agree to disagree on that” public response to Frances Coppola’s blog.

    He’s gone off the rails.

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