Somewhat fascist overtones here


for a strategic approach in which business, the state and the population work co-operatively to create wealth

“The population” eh? That’s you and me, with our myriad separate desires and needs, working under the control of the state.

Lovely, eh?

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  1. If he’s not quoting Richard Murphy he’s citing Ha-Joon Chang and Marianas Mazzucato.


  2. Somewhat anarchist overtones more like.We don’t need no guvvernment. What exactly was wrong with British to the core slavery, child labour, the interwar decades of depression followed by Holocaust ; they were all produced by natural market forces and are therefore sacred? How dare the heroic post- war generation turn their backs on all this and dare to legislate against it? If they only could have seen the prosperity and happiness that Thicky Thatcher and her Vandal gang produced by smashing every co-operative institution in sight!

  3. It might be “efficient”, but the NHS’s results (ie, making ill people better) are far worse.

  4. And, really, the US health system is as equally fucked as the “envy of the world”. It’s interesting that the statists never want to compare it to, say, Singapore, or even France.

  5. @DBC Reed

    The Holocaust was caused by natural market forces?

    There was I thinking it was a Nazi government.

    This new learning amazes me, Sir Bedemir. Explain again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.

  6. DBC Reed

    Those free market Nazis – oddly I was thinking they were among the pioneers of those ‘Shovel ready’ jobs you and your ilk claim are the solution to the unemployment issues facing the country?

    Ralph Musgrave

    This is the classic strawman – If the NHS is ‘the envy of the world’ how come none of the other 27 EU countries has seen fit to emulate it? What of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Japan or South Korea?

    But, lo – what’s this? It is in fact the best in the world – a Survey said so!

    one slight fly in the ointment – and this has to be delivered in a deadpan tones:

    ‘The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive.’

    These pesky details!

  7. @Van_Patten,

    ISTR the setup for the survey was a bit like asking devout Catholics whether they had a positive view of the Catholic Church.

  8. I thought the Left was against “creating wealth”; it was mindless consumerism and killing the planet. So I think what they mean is that the State, business and the population work cooperatively to not create wealth, just like in the 70s.

  9. abacab

    I was in the US at the time and it grabbed attention as the US came (surprise,surprise!) bottom – only when I looked into the people setting up the survey and as you say – they were advocating a state controlled system. Of course as a ‘neoliberal’, ‘troll’, ‘right-wing libertarian’ or otherwise ‘unperson’ my opinions were of course invalid….

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I read that DBC Reed comment three times and I still can’t make head nor tail of it. It has words and things in it, and the approximate form of grammatical English, but it’s semantically null. It makes Richard Murphy’s witterings look coherent by comparison.

  11. Bicr, it’s just DBCR’s random word salad generator in action. It is odd however that the random Adam Smith invented reference is not present. Obviously it is misfiring today. His invented history is quite amusing. Does he seriously believe that the Holocaust happened in the UK, that the Attlee government ended child labour etc etc.?

  12. Rob

    I think that DBCR believes that slavery is British to the core. That man is capable of believing anything.

  13. His female only train cars sounded like an idea he got from his Islamic fundamentalist “friends”.

  14. Bit of an aside, but always worth bringing up when someone attacks slavery.

    Slavery, when it started, was a good thing. Tribe 1 attacks Tribe 2 and nicks their stuff. Tribe 2 exact revenge and nick it back. OK, so plan B: Tribe 1 attacks Tribe 2 and nicks their stuff AND kills all their menfolk of warrior age. Tribe 2 cannot now exact revenge — yet. Except Tribe 2 now raise all their children to hate Tribe 1, and Tribe 2 exact hideous revenge fifteen years later, killing all Tribe 1’s menfolk and probably igniting a centuries-long blood-feud. On to plan C: Tribe 1 attacks Tribe 2, nick their stuff, and KILL EVERYONE. Problem solved.

    Slavery was introduced as a humane alternative. It was progress. The Romans were proud of their own taking of slaves, as it demonstrated what a progressive and generous civilisation they were.

    Then, later, humanity progressed even further. Good. Wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m pro-slavery. But progress is like that. Lots of the humane and generous and wonderful things we’re doing now will be dismissed as thuggish barbarism by our descendants. So we should perhaps have a bit more understanding when we judge our ancestors.

  15. Squander Two

    Did you ever take Brand up on his offer to buy you lunch?

    You are absolutely correct – two conclusions to draw:

    1/ The amputation of the time dimension from much contemporary discourse (especially by the Left) renders much observation nugatory. An observation as facile as the dreadful DBCReed makes -‘Tories approve of slavery ergo Tories bad’ is idiotic without reference to the context of the time.

    2/ It’s dangerous to assume that progress is a one-way street. I’m sure people in the Weimar Republic had no conception of what would have befallen Germany by 1946 in 1929. Similarly given the activities of ISIS (arguably the greatest threat to civilisation yet devised), the various feminist and Gay rights lobbies should perhaps pay more attention to what is happening there, and specifically the means of countering them than babbling on about discrimination over here……

  16. I thought business and the population already did co-operate to create wealth. It’s called economic activity, isn’t it?

    Though one must point out, as someone already has, that the State has only a negative part to play in this process.

  17. bloke (not) in spain

    Well done on the slavery thing, SQ2!
    I’d go further. Slavery is the fundamental origin of civilisation. Without it, it would be impossible for the uncivilised to leverage themselves up into civilisation. They wouldn’t have the spare productive capacity to support the complexity of society needed.
    And, as far as I’m aware, there have been no civilisations that haven’t had slavery in their past. I’d count our own, as well.

  18. @ DBC Reed
    The Anglo-Saxons abolished slavery more than a thousand years ago. In the middle ages Barbary Pirates raided England and forcibly enslaved englishpeople (mostly women, but a few men who were stunned instead of killed). The slave trade involved ship-owners buying slaves from Africans, who had enslaved them and shipping them to America. Even prior to Wilberforce any slave in England could choose to become free (some actually chose not to do so, but those who wanted to could).
    Slavery is *not* British.
    If the UK was not the first to ban child labour, it was certainly among the first.
    The UK did *not* have interwar decades of depression – it had less than a decade, and we didn’t have a Holocaust.
    I actually visited John Lewis to buy Christmas presents during the Thatcher years and it was still standing in December 1979.
    Unfortunately for you, some readers of this blog are acquainted with bits of the truth.

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