Richard Murphy says:
August 20 2015 at 10:11 pm
You clearly have no understanding of macro-economics

That’s the sad bit

Satire is dead, isn’t it?

6 thoughts on “Splutter”

  1. Did you see his “pain English” typo in his rant from his speech. Very appropriate.

    BTW I think Splutter could be a good name for an alternative to Twitter.

  2. Frederick:

    I was just about to comment on that. He’s pushing the limits of his grant funding now.

    It was just a rant, throwing all the usual leftie hate-words in: neoliberals, bankers, shareholders, tax evaders.

    The man is a fascist (in the Mussolini definition).

    Of course the Corbyn rally would have lapped all this up.

    In his head, Murphy is already measuring up curtains for No11.

  3. If you look at his blog for his speech you will see someone asking him about his charity funding. An Arthur Smith. His reply is pathetic.

  4. He’s looking forward to life in the Zil lane but he wants it so badly it’s candidly embarrassing.

  5. @Frederick: it was Archibald Smith who asked about the charity funding. It was noticeable that his responses were very measured and legally specific unlike his usual ‘neoliberal troll’ replies. I think he realises how thin the ice is getting.

  6. I’m not sure it’s the charity commission that would get upset, I’d be upset if I’d contributed funds to the Friend’s Provident Foundation and found that the Trustees were ignoring their own rules……

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