Stop bloody lying

Last month, the Government launched an open consultation on the gender pay gap – which at 19.1pc remains stubbornly high.

You’ve been told before, by the Statistics chief bod no less, to stop using that number.

So, stop using it.

The pay gap is the difference between full time median earnings, not mean as you are using there.

3 thoughts on “Stop bloody lying”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    But the question is who is lying here?

    The Government? Should follow ONS or make it clear that they aren’t following a specific ruling.

    Opportunity Now? They are a campaign. You expect them to lie.

    Helena Morrisey? Why should she listen to a boring statistician when she _knows_ the truth that is hidden from us mere peons?

    The Telegraph? Aye, right …

  2. That would be the woman that has been at Newton for 21 years, the last 14 of them as CEO, during which time she has produced 9 sprogs. Rather like La Horlick, that is a lot of maternity leave for the rest of the team to carry the load on. I am sure its a lifestyle many could achieve as long as you had an incredibly tolerant employer and married a buddhist monk who was only 20 when you started the whole thing. Of course it helps that the country is actually run by Sam Cam and Mumsnet..

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