They’re frit!

Harriet Harman considered attempting to halt the Labour leadership contest amid concerns that controversy around the voting process could leave the result open to a challenge in court.
Sources close to the acting party leader said she is so alarmed by the prospect of tens of thousands of non-Labour supporters voting in the contest that she discussed the prospect of pausing the election.

Not the reason: they just don’t want Corbyn to win.

10 thoughts on “They’re frit!”

  1. I think Corbyn (assuming elected) will have a honeymoon period. The media and general British public love novelty – they’re like kids – and Cameron will need to watch how he deals with him at PMQs (no talking down).

    But open rebellion in Labour and generalised insanity mean electoral disaster and the smashing of the left for a long time.

    I hope. I didn’t predict a Tory win last time round after all.

  2. I think that Labour have so damaged themselves with the recent headless chicken routine that they’re damaged goods whoever wins, and will descend into infighting anyway.

    If Cameron is not a complete idiot (yes, I know…. but…) he should be able to exploit this in the aftermath.

  3. Corbyn(e) is a very mixed blessing.

    In normal times he is a sure election loser for ZaNu. Bad news for both ZaNu and BluLabour. Good for ordinary folk.

    However in the midst of economic disaster (which is coming sooner or later due to supposed “free market” polits who peddle socialism and bureaucratic oppression) Corby is a ready-made puke who already supports all the facets of tyranny. He talks evil shite with a Wedgie-Benn type assurance that would cut no ice under normal conditions but might just appeal under financial meltdown conditions. To the desperate and stupid who will have no clue as to why the financial bottom dropped out and certainly won’t recognise themselves and their habits (of voting and passively accepting shite from the state) as the source of the problem.

    Corbyn(e) brings as much danger as he does benefit. Evil men only need the right circs to give them their chance and those circs are coming.

  4. I think it’s worth pointing out that this pantomime is quintissentially Socialist.

    We have the simpering “look how inclusive we are” stage where a raving loony Marxist is put forward as leader. Then the “oh my God!” stage, “We only did that to show how socialist we are, we didn’t want the bastard to actually win!”

    Then came the early paedo smear, which unfortunately, as Tim pointed out, reflected badly on the Labour grandees (!) who were in charge of the council at the time.

    This is followed by all the old salts, the MoR candidates flip flopping around, re-writing history to suit themselves in the most Orwellian way.

    Then comes the stage where each of them calls on someone else to do the honourable thing and fuck off and die.

    Now we have the stage where they try to make their own electoral procedures shown to be illegal – regardless of how stupid and inept that makes them look – to prevent the outcome most feared by the grandees, and most desired by the party members.

    And some people want these people to rule them?

  5. Interesting comments from Madsen Pirie yesterday, viewing Corbyn’s election as a disaster. Why? Well, because all sorts of insane ideas get stirred up again, and time and effort has to be wasted on refuting them yet again despite all the evidence of history.

  6. GlenDorran/ Mr Ecks

    Both definitely right – we only need look at 1930s Germany to see that as Mr Ecks rightly points out Evil men can take advantage of less than fortuitous circumstances to gain power – and the circumstances of 2015 are far less amenable to the cause of personal freedom than the 1930s in terms of ideology…

    Glen – you are so right. The partially hilarious aspect of listening to the likes of Owen ‘Democratic Socialist’ Jones or Murphy is their belief that what they are proposing is either radical or new – most of these beliefs have been tried before and have frequently failed or at best produced second order consequences that have been different to what was originally intended. It really is quite depressing – all I need now is a classic stool pigeon to come by and my day will be complete…..

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    Whilst I agree with Madsen’s point the left doesn’t do history because socialism’s never been properly tried, doncha’know?

    The real fun will start when his appointed spokes people have to stand up to scrutiny because even the BBC and Guardian will eventually see through charade and will have difficulty provide support and maintaining credibility if they continue to give unstinting support.

    As soon as they start raising issues and pointing out flaws, such as the magic money tree doesn’t really exist, the left will round on the and we’ll have the wonderful spectacle of yet another left wing civil war. Twitter will be in meltdown.

  8. theoldgreenfascist

    “Even the Guardian” have you looked at the vitriol it hsa been pouring on JC in the last few weeks?

  9. And I note the BBC stepped up with a lying about knowing terrorists piece, there seem to be some very frightened people out there

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