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Well, that proves it, doesn’t it? If Richard Murphy has a plan to reduce this gross inequality then we know that the entire set up is simply phantasmal. That’s a metric that hasn’t failed us yet nor do we expect it to.

And, as ever, Murphy manages to come up with a non-answer to a non-problem. Because of course not only is all this inequality and inequity not happening in the UK economy, it’s also not true that a company has to be a UK domiciled company to be in the FTSE 100. And if you’re not a UK domiciled company then the UK tax system has no effect upon what you do, how much you pay people, nor the tax bills associated with all of that, outside the boundaries of the UK. So, to take one obvious example, Shire Pharmaceuticals (Irish based and Jersey registered) would not be affected by such a scheme. Further, it would be a reasonably trivial scheme for any and every member of the FTSE 100 to shift domicile (recall, the European Union insists on complete freedom for a company to shift domicile without penalty) so as to escape from such strictures.

And let’s be honest about this, shall we? The underlying complaint is that the managerial executives are really greedy people. So, if they could get away with making sure that their incomes were not reduced then they would. Thus, we would expect such a tax scheme to lead to redomicile. And that, in turn, would mean those companies entirely moving out of the UK tax net.

So, umm, what is this increase in tax revenue of which Murphy speaks? And to think that he is the economics guru for our likely alternative Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn….

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  1. And to think that he is the economics guru for our likely alternative Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn….

    Is that like the Channel 4 alternative Christmas message, where they get lefty bores or Middle Eastern despots on to harangue us about something or other while we’re drunk?

    (To be honest, I’ve never watched it. Like all decent, morally upstanding, and reasonably hygienic people, I watch the Queen’s speech.)

    If so, good. I hope his alternative cabinet includes Terry Christian, that French guy from Eurotrash, and Dani Behr.

  2. I get the feeling that the EU has lost its allure to the Loony Left. There have been many rumblings about leaving it recently.

    In fact, Corbyn and his pet loony would have to leave the EU for their siege Soviet economy to ever become a reality.

  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-33955719

    “Rival candidate Andy Burnham will announce later that he wants to involve Mr Corbyn in rebuilding the party.”

    Lol. He was a raving loony last week, this week he is vital to rebuilding the Party. They are fucking shameless, aren’t they?

    And judging by the polls, Mascara has got the order wrong in who will be helping who.

  4. Echoing Rob, there’s an increasing likelihood that a Corbyn-led Labour will embrace quitting the EU as a means to enacting some of their more loony policies. Strange bedfellows indeed.

  5. @Rob

    I have a few quite hard left friends – mostly they send their kids to public schools, live in giant country houses and are called Sebastian, of course – and they started drifting away from the EU some time ago.

    No amount of pointing out to them that they used to call anti EU types ‘mad’ and ‘little Englanders’ will convince them that they were not always anti EU.

    The Party has always been at war with EUrasia.

  6. @Interested – I’m now seeing that Blair apparently had a “neoliberal” agenda. Jesus wept if people seriously consider the pettifogging, micromanaging bansturbating regulatory state Blair created as “neoliberal”, except insofar as “neoliberal” means “insufficiently left-wing”, which I suspect for most it does.

    They’ll never forgive Blair for being the only Labour leader since the 70s to convince the middle classes that Labour didn’t simply despise them and just want to take their fun and their stuff.

  7. abacab

    That is exactly what they do say – everyone, from the Liberal Democrats to the SNP, to the Green opposition in Brighton was ‘neoliberal’ , ‘hard right’ or some other euphemism.


    Don’t forget that there was actually no welfare provision (at least in Murphy’s world) prior to 1945 – indeed before then everyone who wasn’t a neo-liberal quite literally either starved to death or was murdered by neo-feudalism.

    Tin foil hat is being generous!

  8. bloke (not) in spain

    “I hope his alternative cabinet includes Terry Christian, that French guy from Eurotrash, and Dani Behr.”
    It’s at times like this one mourns the tragic loss of Lola Ferrari.

  9. Steve, bnis:

    Maybe he’s been inspired by Mr Methane: his policies are being blown out of his arse anyway.

  10. Hi Tim
    Did you see that Jolyon and Dick wrote a piece about the personal allowance claiming that it mainly affects those at the “top of the income distribution”. They said this comes from the


    However if you look here they say it mainly affects those at the “middle and upper middle of the income distribution”. This has been pointed out to Jolyon but he is not admitting a mistake. I guess Murphy overegged the pudding to create some anti-rich hysteria and Jolyon does not want to contradict him because they are now working together on this.

    It’s a shame because I would not have expected a QC to be so economical with the economical truth.

  11. @Frederick.

    Since the middle and upper is not the bottom, it is clearly the top.

    That is how left-wing thinking justifies such statements.

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