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Well done Telegraph subs, well done

Cecil’s the lion: cubs are being protected by his brother

I suppose Cecil was the lion but that’s not quite what they mean is it?

15 thoughts on “Well done Telegraph subs, well done”

  1. God, the level of ignorance and anthropomorphism about this story is a well that’s seemingly bottomless.

    The cubs aren’t being ‘protected by his brother’ at all – they’ll be protected because there’s a bloody good chance Jericho sired them too!

  2. Lion Jesus died for our sins.

    The endless wallowing in emotionalism over this is somewhat reminiscent of the Princess Diana phenomenon. But also characteristic of how our society has abandoned reserve and consideration in favour of said emotional wallowing as an ideal.

  3. All these over emotional people getting into a tizzy about the death of Cecil, saying it’ll destroy the pride and put back conservation work by decades. Won’t they don’t mention is that the charity doing the work has been getting tons of sympathy money, hundreds of thousands, so that they can buy new vehicles and hire more staff and buy more land to further their work. So really the death of Cecil was the best thing that happened to the charity.

    Maybe they might learn that it pays to allow people to hunt and get them to pay tens of thousands to hunt down the old/sick animals that nature would normally kill off in totally inhumane way with long periods of suffering and pain.

  4. Papa Kolodny said it best: If you aren’t going to eat it, don’t kill it.

    Whether you mourn Cecil or not, the reality of it is this: Walt Palmer is a piece of shit. No civilized, well-adjusted man pays $55,000 to kill, skin and behead a lion. Period.

    If he enjoys killing for its own sake, he’s got serious mental heath issues. If he kills to demonstrate his manliness, he’s overcompensating for being underendowed. Then again, he could be both: A sadist with a penis the size of a baby carrot.

    Has the reaction to this incident been extreme? Yes. Would I cross a busy street to avoid walking past a piece of shit like Walter Palmer? Absolutely.

    Most middle class first world folks get what they ask for in life. If they find themselves unhappy, it isn’t because they were denied, it’s because they weren’t careful about what they asked for. Walter Palmer wanted to be a big-game hunter. Now he is. I sincerely hope he’s enjoying himself, because if he isn’t, he’s not going to get any sympathy from me. He got what he asked for.

  5. As Tim Blair pointed out, a female Muslim suicide bomber blew herself up and more than a dozen others in Nigeria (?) at roughly the same time, no one gives a shit. “No lions were harmed”.

  6. Dear Mr Worstall

    Following the herd off a grocers’ roamin’ apostrophe, I heard that when a lion takes over a pride it kills all dependent cubs to more rapidly bring the lionesses into season so that the new leader can start preserving his gene line.

    If Brother Jericho is protecting Cecils’ cubs, perhaps they are not dependent, or he recognises them as his own as suggested upthread.

    Are we to assume from the late lions’ name that Mr Rhodes has now been rehabilitated in Africa’s roll of honour?

    As one born and brought up in Africa, the concept of hunting for pleasure is utterly un-alien. Having seen (first hand), heard and read of what life for people, let alone animals, can be like, and heard of the suffering of poached animals, often to no purpose – poachers don’t always check their traps – organised hunting for sport or pleasure is a better option for many animals. It helps protect many more from poachers, since the value of wild animals to paying hunters ($55,000?) is much higher than whatever poachers will get. Anti-poaching resources and measures will be much better. Jobs servicing the hunting businesses may entice poachers to turn legit, and will prevent some taking up poaching. The whole carcase of a hunted animal will be used, even if only to feed dogs: the carcases of poached animals are likely to be left to rot.

    There will be many guns handled by excellent shots on an organised hunt, so any animal injured by a miss-shot will likely be taken down quickly.

    One of George Adamson’s tasks was to shoot rogue lions. If memory serves, in Born Free Joy Adamson describes one hunt which leaves a lion injured. Its body was found a day or two later, a problem created by difficult terrain, a small hunting party and few guns – maybe only one.

    Hope this helps.


  7. Rob –

    Then what was the point of reproducing that bit of snark from Tim Blair in this thread?

    You mock those who are repulsed by Palmer’s actions and then get offended when you get called on it.

    You’re a thin-skinned lightweight.

  8. The male lions in a pride are almost always brothers and they take turns to cover the lionesses as they come into heat. As in each brother will cover the same lioness many times during here oestrus. So there need be no thought that Jericho thinks the cubs are his. That’s going to be the starting assumption of everyone involved from the cub through the lionesses to he departed Cecil himself. And of course that’s why it’s usually brothers who are the males in a pride. All that JBS Haldane stuff.

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