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Well, no, not so much

Couple fined for ‘particularly revolting’ sex act in Hyde Park

Not quite what actually happened:

A couple have been fined for their “particularly revolting behaviour” in carrying out a sex act during a crowded BBC Radio 2 concert in Hyde Park.

It’s not that the sex itself was particularly exciting revolting. It’s the in public bit that was.

Still it appears the missus needs a bit more practice:

Murphy did not give evidence at the trial but told officers in a police interview that he was completely unaware of anything improper happening.

9 thoughts on “Well, no, not so much”

  1. “Shocked onlookers described the incident as repulsive, upsetting and offensive but Beck had claimed that she was just trying to help Murphy to the toilet.”

    Presumably, she had her hands full at the time…

  2. They should have claimed it was part of a ‘protest’. If I walked naked down the street I would be arrested, but I could take part in a ‘naked bike ride’ in ‘protest’ at someone being killed on a bike and that’s fine.

    Quite how my political motives for the act cancel out the distress of any potential victims is a mystery to me.

  3. Bloke in Costa Rica

    “Mr. Justice Cocklecarrot asked Tarquin Cholmondely QC, for the Crown, ‘and what, pray, is a Rusty Trombone?'”

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