Well, yes, but

UKIP is demanding 12 seats in the House of Lords amid claims that David Cameron is ignoring the democratic will of voters.

Wouldn’t reach me although I can think of a friend or two that would reach.

Lord Pearson is just one of three Ukip peers in the Lords. No Ukip peer has ever been appointed to the Lords, however, as the current three are defectors.
According to his calculations, seen by the Mail, Ukip would ‘deserve’ 66 peers based on its share of the vote at the general election’.

Now that would be more fun. We’d definitely be into the C team which would leave me with a chance.

Obviously not going to happen though, is it?

7 thoughts on “Well, yes, but”

  1. Davy

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. All politicians – and as Lord Pearson shows us, that means ALL politicians – demand a ticket for the gravy train; none ask to get off.

  2. I wonder how many peers the Scottish Nationalist Socialist Party are demanding. Seeing as how they want complete freedom from UK governance, except of course from the Barnett formula?

  3. Well life is always full of surprises. What if Corbyn wins and the LHTD is made a peer and UKIP get their full allocation of peers – you two will get to “debate”! 🙂

  4. BiG

    The House of Commons is elected FPTP, well spotted. However, the House of Lords is chosen by the PM, and Cameron stated very clearly that he would appoint peers according to vote share.

    He’s not bound by it, no law was passed, but it’s fair game for UKIP to point out the U turn.

  5. A shame. Timothy, Baron Worstall of Scandium in the Underworld, does have that certain je ne sais quoi.

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