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What Peoples’ QE would pay for

Vitally important this, a real boost to the wealth of the nation:

Forestry Commission Scotland – upgrade of visitor facilities at David Marshall Lodge,

That’s what Ritchie is promising folks……

8 thoughts on “What Peoples’ QE would pay for”

  1. Judging by the number of road projects in the list, his Green QE plans have been dumped quick enough when he got a sniff of power.

  2. The David Marshall Lodge is a lovely part of the country, and I’ve visited it regularly (the wee woodland nature hide is a great place for watching red squirrels), but I don’t think it’s a national essential.

    My wife fancies a new bathroom though, which I think is much more deserving of funding. Perhaps People’s QE can help out?

  3. The number one project for People’s QE is to fund the development of the People’s Computer so that Richie does not have to stare all day long at the evil products of Global Capitalism.

  4. Adrian

    this exchange speaks to his ‘expertise’…..

    ‘What do you base your confidence on? Empirical studies, analysis, economic models/theories? I’m sure these will be the first questions put if PQE looks likely.’

    Richard Murphy says:
    August 26 2015 at 9:11 am

    All of them

    And sound judgement’

    If he wasn’t so dangerous it would almost be hilarious.

  5. I recall there was a shovel ready quick approval approach applied to what was supposed to be a LG site in South Wales a few years back.It didn’t end well as I recall and the whole Newport city centre development debacle doesn’t inspire confidence in state spending.

  6. The whole “shovel ready” thing is alarming – is Murphy going to bypass planning law and approve building projects himself?

    I suppose it fits with the rest of his totalitarian tendencies.

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