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When did satire die?

When Nixon was elected? Kissinger got the Peace Nobel?

Or perhaps when a piece bemoaning the absence of poverty porn in the media gets published in The Guardian?

6 thoughts on “When did satire die?”

  1. Nickel and Dimed. I have a copy of that book. Somewhere. I read and filled it away years ago. Not a bad read. The main lesson that I took from the book is that working on minimum wage is better if you can find a decent but cheap place to live with a fridge/freezer and a good kitchen.

    And that Christian church charity is a load of bollocks because middle class Christians are ignorant about the world just beyond the street where they live.

  2. Most people want to watch “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”. Only self-flagellating Guardianistas want to watch “Lifestyles of the Poor & Downtrodden”. Writing isn’t some noble profession, it’s all about the number of copies sold.

  3. I sneeze in threes

    I refute her claim that the poor are not covered by the media. Why only yesterday I saw a tramp sleeping under a copy of The Evening Standard.

  4. ” a tramp sleeping under a copy of The Evening Standard.”

    A fine choice for a Gentleman of such means. He might have caught himself a nasty chill sleeping under a copy of the Grauniad, as it’s dripping wet.

  5. When Ira Sendler was passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize and it was given to Al Gore instead?

  6. Bloke not in Cymru

    What about Blair or Obama, actually starting to think the whole thing might be some elaborate long running joke. Maybe the committee just gets fed up and throws in a satirical one just for a laugh now and then to see if anyone’s paying attention

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