When do we rise up and hang them all?

Smoking should be banned outside bars and restaurants, leading medical experts say today.
The Royal Society for Public Health wants ‘exclusion zones’ around pubs, in parks and at the entrances to schools.
Its proposal comes eight years after smoking was made illegal inside pubs, clubs and other public buildings.
The society says reducing the ‘convenience’ of smoking will prompt more people to give up.

14 thoughts on “When do we rise up and hang them all?”

  1. The answer is ‘never’, because too many people have lost the ability to demand that the government keep its nose out of their lives.

  2. From the bbc “Shirley Cramer, the body’s chief executive, said: “Children are hugely receptive to the behaviour of the adults around them. The sight therefore of individuals smoking at prominent locations risks teaching them that smoking is a normal and safe habit.”

    Awesome, so lets let people smoke inside pubs instead where there are no kids, you fucking fun nazis.

  3. “Shirley Cramer, the body’s chief executive, said: “Children are hugely receptive to the behaviour of the adults around them. The sight therefore of individuals smoking at prominent locations risks teaching them that smoking is a normal and safe habit.”

    What utter bollocks! My Dad smoked all the time and Mum used to make me cotton wool roll-ups so I could be like him…

    …but I have never smoked.

  4. I used to light my dad’s fags if he was driving & I was in the car front seat, as did my younger brother.

    Neither of us ever took up smoking as a result.

  5. How this rag-tag bunch of failures and vagabonds, these putrid Puritans, these vile and disgusting, hypocritical bastard bansturbators managed to get Royal patronage is beyond me.

    These are the sort of cretins who would have executed the Queen Mother for “setting a bad example to the children of the world”.

  6. It can only be stopped by people telling them to fuck off. Stop obeying this bullshit. The bluepork would whoop with joy at finding one bloke smoking outside a restaurant. Much easier than all those real crimes. 25 people smoking outside said eatery and their interest will vanish. They really hate anything that resembles a square go. They might get hurt and the electric torture-toys aren’t much good in a fast moving melee.

    Also medical hacks shooting their traps off needs to be made a gross misconduct sacking offence followed by striking off the Register. That will shut their expensively-paid gobs quick enough.

    Of course the polit scum won’t want to shut down their tyranny cheering-section. But their are 13 million smokers, most of whom seem to be weak and pathetic. Just 1 letter each to Camorgeuron saying “the anti-smoking shite stops now or UKIP gets the vote” and that is the last that would be heard of the entire nonsense. Same with drink and even drugs.

  7. I always thought they got the smoking ban the wrong way round. You want to protect the public, then ban it in public spaces and permit it in private. If a landlord wants to let people smoke in his pub, why should we stop him.

    The only problem with that is the staff of the establishment – perhaps we could apply a higher minimum wage in smoking-permitted places?

  8. Something similar has been done recently in Australia. The Australian government banned smoking in outdoor areas where food is served. Unintended consequence which stunned the Puritans – these places just stopped offering food. Outdoor drinking only.

    Not only do they have an authoritarian mindset, but are stunningly naive. They truly believe that making something illegal stops it from happening. You would think Prohibition and the “war on drugs” might make them think but no, each time the same thing.

  9. Shirley, having conquered dislexyer, moves on to what she thought was Pubic Health, but proves to be much more mundane…

  10. Is this “Royal” body secretly affiliated to the Temperance League? It certainly looks like they want to finish pubs off for good.

  11. @ Pogo
    The original Temperance League liked pubs that sold beer: they wanted people to be “temperate” (in modern English “moderate”) in their consumption of alcohol, so: beer good – gin bad. See Hogarth’s “Beer Lane” and “Gin Alley”. At least one of the local brewing families round here (I think three but I can’t remember without spending too much time checking) were major supporters of the original Temperance League.

  12. My late father-in-law smoked all his life. When he visited us, he’d always go outside to smoke. Our youngest daughter, who would have been 3ish at the time, used to go outside with him and sit on the step talking to him. One day, when we had a lot of visitors and the lounge was crowded, she suddenly piped up “Come on, granddad, let’s go and have a ciggie.” She doesn’t smoke, nor does she drink, despite, or possibly because of, the heavy drinking example of her parents and siblings.

  13. @ DocBud
    One grandfather and one grandmother and one great-uncle died before I was born, so I can only say that the survivors, and all the other grandparents/greatuncles/greataunts and parents were smokers; both sisters were smokers (but not simultaneously). The only time I have smoked a cigarette (actually never even half of a whole one) was to deter midges
    I really do not believe in the bullshit about second-hand smoke: if it was true I should be a wreck. Last year I won a couple of over-35 races.

  14. I grew up with a mother who only smoked weird coloured Turkish cigarettes my father smoked a pipe and the odd cigar and my fathers mate who lived with us for a while who believe it or not smoked at least 80 Park Drive cigarettes a day until he died at the age of 86 . The living room looked like the inside of a coal fired boiler uptake i lived with this for 18 years i do not smoke and never have my lungs are in top notch condition something does not add up.

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