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People Are Realising Quite How Mad Jeremy Corbyn’s Economic Policies Are

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  1. Tim

    Devastating stuff – succinct and to the point – he of course has no rejoinder to it and even if he did, your status as a ‘Troll cheerleader’ renders you fit to be ignored…..

  2. You know, after Ed Miliband finally went insane and started unveiling giant tombstones and the like (and seriously – did that really happen? Or have I slipped into an alternate dimension written by Armando Iannucci?) I hoped Chukka would replace him.

    Chukka, who fancies himself the British Obama but is in reality more like the long-lost black Chuckle Brother, would have supplied five years of solid entertainment as he brought his sleazy London nightclub promoter turned Apprentice contestant persona to the nation’s attention.

    It would have been delightful to see how that went down in Northampton or Newcastle.

    But now I realise I was being far too conservative in my aspirations.

    I never, in my wildest dreams, imagined Wolfie Smith would appear in a brown polyester time machine from the 70’s to lead the Labour Party.

    And yet here we are. A funny little man with a funny little beard and one of those funny little hats you get free with the Sunday supplement of the Socialist Worker is poised to be the new Leader of the Opposition.

    No wonder the semi-normals in Labour are shitting themselves.

    We should check David Cameron’s hairline for a “666” tattoo, because he clearly has the luck of the devil.


  3. Sorry Tim–but most people wouldn’t know “Forbes” from Jeeves.

    Corbyn(e) will be discredited –hopefully–by the MSM on account of his loony leftism. An economic critique, however devastating, will have no effect on the masses.

  4. Mr Ecks is right.

    Here’s why Jazzy Jez will never be PM:

    * We don’t elect Prime Ministers with beards
    * He looks like a disgraced Geography teacher
    * He divorced his wife for sending their kid to a grammar school
    * That picture of Jez cosying up to Gerry Adams
    * He’s backed by Ken Livingstone
    * He’s a vegetarian
    * He’s a cyclist
    * He’ll be 70 before the next election
    * He’s assembling the biggest all-star collection of socialist muppets Britain has seen since Spitting Image went off the air

  5. “Economist” Richard Murphy was on BBC R4’s WatO today, spouting unchallenged garbage about people’s QE.

  6. I thought this was all settled with Major v Kinnock?

    Corbyn can’t be PM any more than Joe Biden, Trump or Hillary can be President. Same for Hague, IDS, Howard and Ed.

    The public can either imagine you in the role, or they can’t, and the public seems to latch on pretty early.

    Go Jezzer though.

  7. Box of frogs snubs Corbyn

    A box of frogs has publicly distanced itself from Jeremy Corbyn’s bid to become Labour leader.

    The container of amphibians stressed that – despite its reputation for insanity – it would not be backing the 66 year old Islington North MP and sad garden gnome lookalike.

    “Of course I’m mad,” said the box of frogs, “I’m a box of frogs. But I’m not mental. Have you seen who’s writing Corbyn’s economic policies? Jesus wept.”

    The carton of croakers went on to say that it believes Corbyn retains the full support of hatters, brushes, and escaped mental patients dressed as Santa, but added: “what do you fucking expect from those loons?”

    A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn expressed disappointment in the box of frogs’ statement, but said Mr Corbyn was polling “very favourably” among men wearing gingham dresses who talk to a penguin sockpuppet called “Mister Flibble”.

  8. To be positive about Our Jez for a change; a Corbyn administration would at least solve the Calais “crisis”. After 5 years of a UK economy run per the blueprint provided by Corbyn’s heroes in Venezuela, who would seek “asylum” in the European equivalent of Caracas?

  9. I must admit Tim, I’m quite jealous of your Forbes gig as I’d quite like a publisher to be prepared to pay me to publish articles which are largely personal attacks on my enemies!

  10. Well, yes, there is that. Although those sort of articles aren’t massively profitable. €15 and counting at present for that one. I have to attract Yahoo News to link to something saying how stupid the minimum wage is to get the monthly check up to the thousands of euros that pay the bills.

  11. GlenDorran

    Next time I’d appreciate a warning if clicking the link means I will be seeing the fat Norfolk fvcker’s face staring at me, I just need to be prepared so I can deal with the urge to vomit.

  12. Blimey, Bruce reads the TW blog. That’s THE Bruce that tells us that is our patriotic duty to stump up £3 and vote in the dependency party leadership election. The campaign that led to the napoleon quote about not interrupting your enemy when making a mistake appearing all over the twitter globe. Best value for £ laugh since Angus Deayton’s last appearance on HIGNFY.

  13. “I don’t agree with Corbyn’s economic policies, but they’re no madder than Osborne’s, to give just the most obvious example.”

    Err, tilt?

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