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Anyone want to have a little word with Hillary’s broker?


Biotechnology stocks took a sharp dive Monday after Hillary Clinton said she would propose a plan to counteract “price gouging” by drug makers.

Ms. Clinton, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president, was responding to New York Times article published Sunday that told of a price increase for a drug used to treat a life-threatening parasitic infection. The cost of the drug was recently increase from $13.50 a tablet to $750, the story said.

Why? Because Hillary wreaked havoc on pharmaceutical stock prices 23 years ago, when Bill was running for President. Indeed, this is more than a matter of academic interest to me, because I played a role in the fallout from that. In 1993, I wrote a study, titled “Political Rhetoric and Stock Price Volatility,” that contributed to one of the early Clinton scandals. For you see, while blasting pharma companies, Hillary was also invested in a hedge fund that shorted health care stocks, and I documented using standard event study methodology that her speeches led to economically and statistically significant declines in pharmaceutical company stock prices.

9 thoughts on “Anyone want to have a little word with Hillary’s broker?”

  1. According to Wikipedia over 10 months in 1979 she turned $1000 into $100,000 playing futures.

    Cannot recall the source, but the scam was along the lines of two brokerage accounts. At the end of the day all profits booked to Hilary and all loses booked to her lawyer.

    Vile proggresive that would be better off crawling back into the swamp from which she emerged. The US and the world deserve better.

  2. In a week when a couple of dozen “climate scientists” wrote to Obama to beg him to use racketeering laws against people who disagree with them, Hilary Clinton walks free and will probably be the Democratic presidential nominee.

    What a Progressive world we live in!

  3. Dave

    If Jezza had given any signs of having the animal cunning of Lenin, Trotsky, Livingstone, then maybe. He is just a failed geography teacher.

  4. dearieme – “The Clintons at least deliver consistency. They are consistently crooked.”

    The impeachment of Bill Clinton was a master class in manipulation and spin. Somehow Bill managed to convince the world that lying about getting an intern to lick his anal sphincter was acceptable and anyone who objected was an uptight Born Again puritan. So now whatever the Clintons do, everyone wants to make sure everyone else knows they aren’t some inbred hill billy and so they defend Clinton.

    You don’t need to like Starr to recognise criminality when you see it.

    Diogenes – “He is just a failed geography teacher.”

    Best description ever.

  5. Aah, yes, the animal cunning that causes one to give a quantity of money to a fraudster posing as an IRA bomber to help him escape after having supposedly planted bombs in London.

    Not the sharpest crayon in the Geography teacher’s box…

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