At last, celebrity women in lesbian relationships are no big deal

Such a small deal in fact that I’ll write an entire column about it.

Back when it was all supposedly a big deal how many pieces did the Manchester Guardian write about Vita Sackville West and whichever velvet she was tipping at the time?

12 thoughts on “At last, celebrity women in lesbian relationships are no big deal”

  1. So the Guardian’s position is that they do not write celebrity gossip pieces except when they can pretend they are commenting on important socially progressive trends?

    I have to say that as celebs go, I have never heard of half those women. Saint Vincent? Well if I was baptised Jervis I might want to change my name too.

    For the record, butch lesbians are called by a variety of terms indicating their unattractive looks because by and large their looks are unattractive. We now have scientific proof that attractive women are exclusively heterosexual. And we wouldn’t want to be like those Flat Earth Christians who deny science, right?

  2. All the examples given – Delevigne, Lohan, etc., are faux lesbians. It’s there to show how ‘edgy’ they are. There are three tribes of lesbians: fashion lesbians, who these ones are; ‘not interested in sex’ lesbians like Sue Perkins – calling themselves lesbian gets them out of the game; and real lesbians, who look like Clare Balding or Sandi Toskvig. The last are the only real lesbians.

  3. Inspired by the Register thread I’ve come up with this headline.

    Famous carpet munchers no longer laid bare.

    Which only shows why I won’t be writing any Register headlines any time soon.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Ian Reid – “Which only shows why I won’t be writing any Register headlines any time soon.”

    Not for the Guardian either I would guess.

    An honest headline would run:

    Lesbians: boring and not funny

  5. Cara could do a lot better.

    On the subject of women’s articles in the Guardian which completely miss the point, here’s another fine one today:

    Why do men seem to look for much younger dates online?
    Dear Eva,
    I’ve realized that though I am 46 and put 40-55 as an age range for guys, a vast majority of men will only want women younger than themselves – sometimes by a solid margin.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Andrew, I think you left out the best bits of the letter and the reply:

    This isn’t a problem you can solve.

    I joined some dating sites geared at “thinking people” a few months ago, and, apart from one bad experience, have always had an interesting chat, though I haven’t found “the one”.

    So leftist do have some dignity and working testicles after all? Who would have guessed?

    We can’t change their minds, and we also can’t change the mind of society that seems to agree that a woman’s appeal decreases as she ages, while a man has the opportunity of becoming a George Clooney-esque silver fox.

    I am sorry but it is not society’s fault. It is a simple matter of plumbing. Young women make men’s plumbing work. If you can’t give him an erection, there is not a lot of point to doing it at all is there? Older men make women’s plumbing work. This is a fact of life. Blaming evolution. Science is amoral. It does not give a damn about what men should feel. They feel what they feel. Live with it.

    Are the men your age who overlook you missing out on a great opportunity? Yes. Are you missing out on great opportunities because of this? I don’t think so, not that much

    Sure. They are missing out. Buy some cats.

    Your letter reminds me of something that my uncle (then a leading middle-aged gentleman caller) once remarked: “Eva,” he said, “it’s so interesting that as I get older, women who are older become more attractive, too.”

    As we all know men are such frightful liars. We know how attractive women over 30 are. We used to relate to women without the pull and push of hormones. When we were 8 and we said “Girls? Yuck!” Older women are the same. But with a lot more bitterness and emotional baggage.

    There are people out there in the world who prioritize having things in common with their partners over them having taut young bodies.

    Sure. Gay people for instance. Sometimes poor people, from the Third World, who need a Green Card.

    Maybe they’re harder to find on dating sites because they tend to have longer relationships, but they do exist.

    Don’t give up hope! But buy some cats.

    Many times in my life I’ve found myself enamored with men who seemed perfect except for one fatal personal attribute or preference that kept us apart. Guess how many times I’ve gotten them to fix that flaw and love me? Zero!

    It is so hard being a fag hag.

    Next time you’re skimming profiles online, remember, these men who are only looking for far-younger women aren’t just rejecting you; you’re rejecting them for being too narrow-minded to recognize your lovable qualities.

    And if that doesn’t keep you warm at night, what will? Apart, obviously, from your cats.

    The Guardian should run an honest article saying what is basically the truth for women – don’t sleep around, get married early, value your husband for who he is, stay married no matter what, enjoy your grandchildren.

    Western men are the best on the planet. It does not, and probably cannot, get any better. If you insist on being unhappy you will likely end up being unhappy.

  7. MC: Looking at the G photo, the future Mrs MC on the right is plain and scrawny. The one on the left has a surly pouty mug and looks like something crafted by the late Gerry Anderson. You can see better looking than both of them rolled together any day just walking down an average street.

  8. “Back when it was all supposedly a big deal how many pieces did the Manchester Guardian write about Vita Sackville West..”

    I understand her activities were much discussed in and around Sissinghurst, where she had a go at most of the farmers’ wives. Though I did only move there some time after she died.

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